From Cuba to the U.S....via Mexico

Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by Jim in Cancun, Oct 15, 2007.

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    That's a good article, very accurate from all I've seen and heard. Lots and lots more Cubans have been getting detained by INM lately, lots more than last year. Seems like more folks are leaving Cuba, or at least more are coming through here. And it's true that INM detains them and then gives them 30 days in Mexico. Why even bother to detain them? They should just let them go up front rather than detaining them and transporting them and then letting them go 5 or 10 days later.

    The Cuban mafia here seems to be having power struggles also, which is why their crap has been in the paper so much. It's safer for everyone when there's just one big mob boss in control, but right now it seems like there are a bunch of rival factions competing for control.

    And personally I think that the US's wet foot/dry foot law is beyond dumb. It encourages this illegal mafia-driven immigrant smuggling across Mexico.

    If the US wants to "help" the Cubans they should send planes in and pick them up directly (or buy them all planes tickets, or whatever), better than letting their families in the US pay mafia ransoms to get them out, and better than relying on a network of illegal immigrant smuggling to bring Cubans to the US. The current law encourages unsafe passage and/or immigrant smuggling.
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