Free Spay & Neuter Clinic - Sept 30 to Oct 4

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    To help fight Cancun's stray and unwanted animal problem there will be a free spay and neuter clinic for cats and dogs in Cancun from Tuesday Sept. 30 to Saturday Oct. 4. Animals will also be vaccinated against Rabies, if needed.

    Please tell your friends, information en EspaƱol is available (PM me). We hope to sterilize up to 50 pets per day. This sterilization clinic is for low-income pet owners.

    The clinic is being sponsored by Respeta Ayuda y Protege A.C. (RAP), Veterinarios Internacionales Dedicados a Animales Sanos (VIDAS) and Cats and Dogs International (CANDi).

    The clinic will take place at RAP's clinic in Doctores, on the south side of Bonfil.

    During the clinic bring your cat or dog to RAP's clinic between 7am and 7:30am to register your pet for sterilization. You will be able to pick your pet up after 3pm the same day. We will give you post-operative care instructions

    Important: Do not feed your pet food after 8 pm the night before and do not give water to your pet after 6 am the day of surgery! The animal needs an empty stomach for surgery.

    Please see the English map here:

    RAP is located on Calle Margarita Maza. To get there from the
    Cancun-Tulum Highway you can turn into Bonfil at the Bonfil Roundabout
    intersection. Then take the first left and go 7 blocks to the street with the tree growing in it, turn right and go 4 blocks, RAP is on the left.

    Alternatively, from the Cancun-Tulum Highway you can take the first street after Ocean Leader, then take the first right, then go 2 blocks to the street with the tree growing in it and turn left. RAP is 4 blocks down on the left.
    For more information, in English or in Spanish please contact Maria
    Alicia Salgado on her cell at: 998-165-3512. Or you can PM me.
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