FM3 question for Rivergirl or anyone with an answer.

Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by Mellow_in_Puerto Morelos, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. Mellow_in_Puerto Morelos

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    I am assisting a retired couple here in Puerto Morelos with thier FM3 application and may have run into a stumbling block. They are living on their boat in the El Cid Marina and I am wondering what type of proof of address they will be able to submit with their paperwork.

    Also, I heard a new rumor today that immigration is requiring documentation on how you recieve your non-Mexican bank account funds here in Mexico. Any light on this developement?

  2. RiverGirl

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    I will have to consult with my hubby on this one, I think, but he's off playing squash so I'll give you my perspective.

    I would say that if El Cid provided a receipt for the boat slip then that would be appropriate documentation of location. Do they have any other bills here which show an address? We always give INM our Telmex bill which shows our names and the house address. Or do they have any local ID cards showing a local address?

    As for the banking stuff, I don't know for sure. Obviously their FM3s are going to be Rentista, as in based on foreign savings and/or income. So they must show proof that there is money that they have access to. If it were me I would provide them with copies of the bank statements and any stubs from retirement income, and then I would let INM ask if they want more documentation.

    This may be a case where you need to go try to file. And see what kind of stumbling blocks you hit, as in what kind of extra crap they ask for. And then go back a second time once you've got it all together. If you plan on it taking a couple of trips you may be pleasantly surprised that it isn't. Just make sure you get 3 copies of always seems to take 3 copies...

    I'll run this all by hubby when he gets home and will post tomorrow if he has anything to add.
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    In my experience documentation of funds sourced from abroad has consisted of officially translated bank/investment statements. Previously they accepted internet print outs but last renewal I had to get actual statements couriered over on headed paper etc.

    Not 100% clear on your question though "how you recieve your non-Mexican bank account funds here in Mexico" do you mean like where they come from i.e retirement funds / investments or do you mean how you physically receive them - in which case I'd tell 'em the ATM
  4. Mellow_in_Puerto Morelos

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    Thanks for the quick response River Girl and Steve. We 're going to try the Marina reciept idea. They don't have telephone service or any local IDs. I help people often with their FM3s all the time and have just never run across this issue.

    Steve, the "rumor" I heard was that you had to show proof of withdrawals from you non-Mexican bamk accounts. Guess I'll find out next week when I renew mine again. Supposedly this only went into effect 1 week or so ago. I'll probably show a bank statement page with my ATM withdrawals, or perhaps copies of my ATM withdrawal reciepts. Sound crazy, and just when it was actually getting easier and more streamlined..
  5. CancunGringa

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    I just submitted my FM3 papers to the Mexican Consulate in St. Paul, Minnesota last week while I'm here - a pleasant and hassle-free process! The consulate employees were friendly, helpful, polite, and efficient. It took two trips - one to drop off documents and one to pick up the FM3 - and on each trip I was in and out in about 15 minutes. But I still need to register it in Cancun when I return this week, which I'm guessing will not be quite so smooth.

    Anyway, I wanted to mention that they did have a requirement that I show how I access funds in my U.S. bank while in Mexico, and they just looked for ATM withdrawals in Mexico on the bank statements I submitted.
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