FM3 in 4 Trips...down from 18 last year!

Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by Alma Libre, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. Alma Libre

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    Happy to announce Joanne & I are legal in Mexico for another 345 days. Yes we got our own FM3s and our Expediente Basico (the business part of our FM3) in a mere 4 visits to IMN.

    In total we spent about 3 hours waiting in four visits to IMN and another hour waiting in an unusually long line at Scotiabank to pay.

    We spent 1904 pesos each for our FM3. Basico is free.

    Last year, we had an awful least 18 trips to IMN over more than 2 months...made worse by the fact that they lost our papers at one point and had to inspect our business to ensure we really had a bookstore.

    We also made it more complex as we needed to make an emergency trip back to Canada in the middle of our application process.

    We really wanted to do it ourselves this year as we thought we had learned so much after last year's adventure.

    The only real difference in paperwork this year was that we had to submit our entire annual for 2006, the most recent year we had filed with Hacienda, instead of just the last 3 month's declarations.

    In all fairness, IMN was much better this year. They let us change one of the official letters at an internet cafe and submit it without waiting in line again and the information desk people spoke perfect English, which made things easier on us. The rest of the time we were able to get by on our espanol.

    Tonight we celebrate. We're Mexicano (mas o menos) for another year!

  2. RiverGirl

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    Glad to hear you were treated well. Four trips isn't bad considering all the steps you have to take.
  3. matkirk

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    I wish I was having such an easy time. In my opion (this year), they are a bunch of lying, thieving w**nkers. They try and steal money form you, lose papers and generally p*ss me off.

    Well next year might be better :lol:

    P.S when you fix your car brakes in Mexico is it normal that they work worse than before you took the car in?
  4. CancunCanuck

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    Felicidades Rob, that's great to hear! I'm still going to use a lawyer this year, I'm tired of fighting the battle.

    Rest easy for another year!
  5. Mellow_in_Puerto Morelos

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    I was there turning in my FM3 paperwork last week whem Rob and Joanne emerged with big grins.

    I have to relay an "IMN Moment" that happened to me that day.
    Arrive and get my number....19
    Look up and see they are currently on ....16 Great! only 3 more.
    Watch and listen as the 17 comes up and very shortly....18
    And then.....20!!!!! Wait..What happened to 19???
    I go to the counter, show her my number 19 and ask what happened.
    She looks up at the counter and says..We are on number 20, and hands me a NEW number ....26
    I could only shake my head and laugh about it. I was with a friend who verified that it did in fact skip 19. At least I was wasn't just having a "senior moment".
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