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    So I booked my flight through my travel agent about 5 months ago. Turns out I got 3 extra nights and need to postpone my return flight to 3 days later. Our trip in end of may to beginning of June. She is telling me that to change the retunring flight it will cost $200-$250 PER TICKET! Thats insane!! I checked mexicana and I could buy a whole new ticket for $250!! Makes no sense.

    What do you guys think? HOw much does it usually cost to change? I was thinking of canceling the whole flight then rebooking it for the $250, and in the end paying the same I paid in the beginning which was $470. I feel ripped off. =(

    Any ideas how much it costs to change or cancel?
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    It depends on what's available at the time. People look for the cheapest fares and book them when they are available. But fares change all the time so when you go back the fare is probably higher.

    Normally you pay $100 to change days or destinations plus any dfference in the current fare from when you bought it before. You didn't say how much the orginal fare was but if you cancel that ticket you can figure you'll have whatever the cost was minus $100 to be able to apply it someplace else.

    So if the fare change is $250 and the Mexicana flight is $250 and you just cancel the orginal tickets and buy the Mexicana ones, you are actually spending $350 ($250 plus the $100 cancelation fee).

    So sometimes it's just best to say screw it, pay the extra $500 and figure it's worth the extra $150 a day for the two of you to stay longer in Cancun. :D

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