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    Post comments, reviews, trip reports and links to your pictures for Flamingo here.

    Located at Km11 it is a short hop by bus to the party center. This hotel is Ocean side. Downtown is a 25 minute bus journey away.

    Check the links below for information, availability and pricing with the following operators:
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  3. P H I L A D E L P H

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    Flamingo is a great all inclusive hotel, espcially for the price. It is really nice and conviently located. It is probably the best AI deal in cancun considering how inexpensive and good it is. Great for families all year long and just as good for spring breakers in march.
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    Has anyone been recently? Just wondering if there is any new info on the hotel? We're due to arrive at the Flamingo in April for our first ever trip to Cancun! Can't wait!!
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    Hi everyone. I am new to this forum, but am heading to Cancun for the third time this May. Am very excited, but it has been many years since I have been there. We will be staying at the Flamingo, but am getting many mixed reviews on other sites. Anyone been in 2005, and what did you think? We are taking our teenagers. What are good activities for the teenagers. We have always gone by ourselves.
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    We were there Feb 22nd thru Mar 1st this year..... Our third time at the Flamingo. We enjoyed it this visit as much as the others.. Nice, inexpensive hotel. Great beach .. food is OK to good (breakfast is great). The staff are very friendly.

    A lot of your enjoyment will depend on YOU... if you have an "attitude" it will show and you won't enjoy it... remember it's Mexico, things are a little different. If you have a good attitude, smile and speak to the staff it will be returned 10 fold!!

    Not much for kids/ teens to do other than beach and pool... nothing organized.

    Dave :evil:
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    In complete agreement with you Dave. We just got back this past Monday (April 18th). The staff was great. Really friendly and helpfull. We went AI too, but still made sure we left tips. I was also impressed with how clean they kept everything.

    We will stay there the next trip.

    jayjay :wave:
  8. JustLivinLife

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    My husband and I stayed here for a week last month and really liked it. The food was okay, the beach was nice, and the staff was really friendly. We had gone expecting an average hotel, and that's what we got. I read many reviews that weren't real positive, but can't imagine what people expected. For the price we paid, I definitely didn't expect a 5-star resort.

    This was our first trip to Cancun, and we will absolutely be back, and will stay here again. Great location, too!
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    My family stayed at the Flamingo at the end of June and was pleased. The only problem we encountered was waiting for our room to be cleaned for check-in. The beach was great and the pool was alot of fun for our 2 boys.

    Make your dinner reservations early. We were only able to get in on our first night in town and it was a good meal, but an excellent view oceanside.

    If you are expecting a 5 star resort at 3 star prices then you will be disappointed. I think we got what we paid for and more.
  10. Steve&AngieWI

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    Just got back from the flamingo on Aug 1st. Stayed 9 days. Was sick for the last 3. Taking Cipro and I'm still not well. Arrived at 1 pm on the 23rd and was told that I had to take my wife and 8 year old out somewhere [they suggested I go across the street to Margaritaville] for 2 hours until check in time before I got a room. They also had time share sharks greeting people in their lobby and lying about a "free celebration breakfast" since their sister hotel down the street got a #1 ranking. When I finally got my room it was fine. A little musty but that's to be expected I guess with the oceanview etc. Very good view. Could have been cleaner but wasn't a 5 star so... Anyway, the next morning we go to our "free" breakfast and are Taxied to another hotel that I can't remember the name of. We are greeted by the hard sellers there and one of them sits down with us to eat breakfast and explained that we would get the free breakfast, a bottle of tequila, 50 dollars cash or coupons and a little mayan statute for a "90 Minute" presentation. We were already there and had been duped so I told the lady that she could give us our presentation but we weren't committing to anything. She gave us a tour and the property was decent enough but no way was I gonna commit to anything. So after the tour we get handed off to a salesman. He pitches us with the hard sale, yada yada.. I have to tell him NO a few times, giving him several reasons why, and finally he relents and we get our "free" things and then get a taxi back to the hotel. It's now about noon. So it was more like a 3 hour tour. I felt like I was in the South Park episode where they were trying to sell Kyle's dad a timeshare in Colorado. Then they called my wife later and said "Is this the people who bought the timeshare today?" "Uh... NO"

    Anyway, the trip got better after that until I caught an intestinal infection somewhere [I didn't drink tap water anywhere, I promise]. I can't pinpoint where I caught the awful bug but I have my suspicions about the cleanliness down to a "germ" level, that's for sure. My wife and son didn't get it, but they [and lucky I also] got a cold somewhere too!

    The food sucked. It could be better for someone else, but I didn't like the taste of anything on the menu, minus some potatoes they had and the soup. The rest was nasty. I would have been PISSED to have gone all inclusive, that's for sure. Thankfully, I didn't.

    The staff was freindly. One day I went to walmart to buy some bottled water and beer, limes, and stuff and the guard stopped me at the door because I was bringing in 2 six packs of Coronas, but a bellman talked him into letting me in. Yeah, they did have a sign about bringing in food and drink but it was the timeshare bandits that suggested walmart for buying such goods cheaper in the first place. The shark was right too.

    It was in a convienient location. They had red flags everyday on the beach but everyone ignored them and it was beautiful to watch the waves. The pools were okay but they closed at about 9 pm. The staff played soccer on the beach and it was fun to watch. Our housekeeper was pretty good. I would have liked to seen the room washed a little more though. You can tell they give it the once over with a wet rag after each guest, that's about it. It was kinda grimy around the fixtures etc.

    I probably got what I paid for but I don't think I would do it again. Next time I'd pay a little more and try a different oceanfront hotel and hope for the same view and convienient location and friendliness from the staff.

    1-10? I'd give it about a 5, mabye more if I was younger and without a family and in my room less and out on the town more.
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