Fitness level? and dresscode

Discussion in 'Desire Resort Forum' started by Cingularity, Dec 27, 2016.

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    We are looking to book as first timers in spring. Never been to a clothing optional resort. I was curious about a couple things, first whats the average body type you'll see? Many of the promo pics clearly have models, unless everyone there looks that way? We are a mid 30s couple with average bodies and just wondered what to expect.

    Second, I was wondering what the dresscode really turns out to be. On the beach are people nude? topless? thongs? Is it the same at the pool? How about the club? See thru stuff appropriate? Are there ever the super extreme micro bikinis?

    Thanks for any experiences you can share!
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    Walk around your local upscale shopping mall and imagine the variety of people that you see as being nude - that variety is the same as you will see at the resort.

    Here is a direct quote from a recent(Dec) trip report of a first timer to Desire: "There were all ages, shapes and sizes and over and over again we saw that it was the inner light that made people amazing. I spent almost zero time considering the fact that my breasts and belly are marked by the fact that I have two amazing children - because my company was clearly welcome by so many people around me. And I was quite literally showered with compliments about my body - especially my breasts, the part of my body about which I have the largest hang-up."
    Yes to all of the above ;)
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