Feb. 27 Thru Mar. 4 Trip Report

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    Here we go, Trip Report for Stacia & I's trip #23 (we think, based on the pic folders in my server). I'm not at all certain, but I think this may be Trip Report #11?

    In this spot, please simply mentally insert the standard "Travel to Temptation" paragraphs, for which I only have the below notable insertions/additions/edits.

    Did you guys know that there is going to be a 5th terminal built at CUN? I understand that (very similar to Southwest Airlines investment/ownership into the so-called International Terminal at Houston's Hobby Airport) it's going to be heavily invested into by American Airlines, and probably controlled by them. Just interesting, and means more direct flights into CUN from both coasts. Just another development I thought might be interesting. Cancun is growing by leaps and bounds, still. A far cry from when they had the one, as in single passenger/commercial terminal for Stacia & I's honeymoon trip to the then-called Cancun Palace. (CP was a good time, nd many topless ladies, sure... but NOTHING like TTR, just saying.).

    One cool note about clearing security/customs in the Terminal 4 used by Southwest Airlines (at least flights out of Hobby. We had the immigration thing where the officer asks you where you're from, where you'll be staying and for how long, and then does the triple-stamp thing... but what was missing this trip was there was no customs stop, no having to push the button to see if you get a Red or Green. We just got our bag, and moved with the rest of the cattle, uh, travelers, to the passenger pick-up area. My guess is that they have better inspection machines & personnel "in the back," before you get your bags. I mean, they already know whose bag is whose, so if they find something, it's not like you have left yet.

    As stated above, insert appropriate compliments for USA Transfers here. Kick ass, as always.

    Interesting sub-event happened. Our last trip to TTR, last July, when we arrived for Temptation Trip number TWENTY-TWO (emphasized for a reason) we met our USA Transfer guy (dude named Luis who we'd met before) he greeted us by our first names since we'd rode with him a couple of times (and Stacia makes an impression), then got to TTR and Charlie (he might be a day Bell-Captain now, I don't know how they do seniority at the drive-up to TTR) greeted us, again by first name since we've seen him and talked to him so many times, and then we go inside and there's Norma of the Premier Desk and she and Stacia exchange this (it was sort of hot-looking) BFF hug, and Norma leads us into the Premier Desk's check-in room....

    .... and the new guy checking us in says, according to his script, "So, is this your first time to Cancun?" We were knocked back in our chair,a actually. Uh, no dude, it's not our first, more like our forty-first, and it literally was our 22nd trip To This Resort Hotel. He is sitting there looking at his screen, which has our file, member contract number, details about us I'm sure, etc. More Telling,... we were in the Members Desk Registration Room. WTF? Idiot... People can be dumb anywhere, I suppose.

    Rest of check-in went smooth, but slow. Got into our room, which was, like last time & I forgot to request a different one, 7317, Plush Jacuzzi Room. First door on the left side of the hallway as one would be coming from the breakfast buffet (not Sea Flirt). It's got to be the noisiest room at night on the resort, with the/our dumb, drunken party crew signing/screaming/moaning/fighting etc on the way back to their/our respective rooms. TTR people are notorious for heading back to the room, loudly, at between 4:00 a.m. & 5:30 a.m., and I know as we've BT, DT. But, when you're on a worn-out from drinking hard all day and just want, or need, some sleep... steer clear from Room 7317. Ack. Room itself is great. All the new electronics worked properly, the cabinet doors close and stay close so those lights stay off, water pressure and temp in our shower were fine (though we'd both like both a rainfall as well as a standard out of the wall showerhead as it's more functional for several bathing activities.

    I've been kicking ass, and gettin' my ass kicked at work lately, so this trip was going to be a "recuperative" trip for me, to the extent one can even do that at TTR... which sort of put the kibosh on my dirty old man plans (Stacia tells me all the time that I qualify as I turned 50 last year, but... anyone ever heard of "Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor?" Sub-out Minor for Old Man... That'd be her!) Still Stacia was solid Troop and stuck it out for theme nights.

    Our personal drinky-drink habits can have a paragraph or two here, as lots of people have alcohol-based questions about TTR. Huh, I just realized, I MUST have been tired heading to TTR this time, as I did not have, and to my knowledge, neither did Stacia, a single Wet Pussy shot. WTF... that's like... unheard of (sacrilige?), but we didn't. I don't think I did a single shot. Can't say that about Stacia, as her standard Bash drink-party approach is a shot (or a double to get the night started) of Don Julio Silver, and then a small glass of water, or soda, or Diet Coke, etc. Repeat about every half hour and she's good (can get Very Good if the night lasts long enough). I fouhnd the bartender with the ever-flowing bottle of Crown Royal (the guys inside at Bash at what we've started to call the "conversation bar"), and he had me hooked up with Crown & Coke all night, so that turned out acceptable. I'd rather have had Old Forester 1920 (the Prohibition label), bourbon, but hey, people don't drinkt he same stuff everywhere. I cut my teeth, so to speak, on Crown, so it's familiar territory (Yes, I know Crown is actually a rye blend, you purists leave me alone, I'm one of you).
    During the day I mainly drink beer, but I did have a couple of the Purple Shit drinks (that's actually the name, y'all. Ask for it by name and you get a grape popsicle flavored concoction that is awesome in the sun and will literally knock you down, as in falling down drunk, if you have 4 in an afternoon. Be careful! Not joking, they are sneaky...). Stacia's "usually" Vodka-Sprite, or Vodka-Soda during the day, but sometimes she wants a change of pace, so might get a Chunky Monkey, Mai Tai, Miami Vice... etc. Wine at dinner for her. Me? Crown at night.

    Here's our day, four days in a row: Up at 5 minutes to 10:00 a.m., whoever is up first goes to the shower first, then gets the other one out of bed. Cleaned up and ready for the pool, we go get the breakfast buffet, to put together a simple bacon & egg on toast sammich. Some O.J. for me, coffee negro for her, and we're out to the Members Deck to get chairs. No problem securing a pair of chairs on the deck this trip... though on the last day one of the "new" guys came up and asked us our room number, after looking at our bands, and told us that the chairs we'd just come down to put our stuff on were "reserved." I said "I know," that's why we're here, not over there." I said this while pointing at the coveted pool-side chairs. He didn't mean that, he meant that TTR is now instituting a members can reserve program, so the staff will get and hold a deck chair(s) for you. That'd have been fine... If Someone Would Have Told Us. We could have simply told the butler, and that'd have been handled, just like it as at DRM. When the new guy figured out that the chairs we'd selected were Not the reserved one, he felt bad and left us alone (or was just playing it off, I've no clue). Just a note to premier people, that's starting up so take advantage of when your butler asks "Is there anything I can do for you?" This is one of the thihngs that he/she is talking about.
    OK, we didn't have to have that chair conversation four days in a row, just one day. What we Did do four days in a row was, get to the Deck chairs, drop our suff, grease up with anti-skin cancer creams, get a bottled water from one of the server guys from the Members bar when they came by, slam that when it arrives and then place drink order #1 for the day, then kick back for about 20 minutes to start the microwave cooking process. Get hot, walk down to the beach to put feet in water and feel the breeze to cool off, then back up to the deck to await seeing people we've met to go talk to.

    Note on beach. Apparently there's been some recent erosion, with some kind of water moving what I can only call gravel down at the level where (at around noon, tide-wise) the water is covering it to about 2-6 inches with the mild wave-action which makes it... uncomfortable... not quite painful, to walk out into the water. That lasts about... 10, maybe 20 feet in some areas, and then you're past it to where the sand gets super smooth again. Problem is, you have to go back through it to get Out of the ocean/Gulf. It bugged me, if you can't tell. But, i weigh 225. Stacia, at 105, didn't seem to much notice. Hmm... feet. I suppose it could have debris left over from the reno? *shrug*

    So, find people to talk to in/arouhnd the Sexy Pool, in the Fun Holes, at the Swim-Up bar, whatever. Talk to the new best friend you've just met who it feels like you've known forever, and so on. Temptation doing it's magic.

    The Playmakers start with the Stupid Game at around Noon, then the Sexy Game at around 2:00 p.m. FYI the Stupid Game = a game such as the music (or Movies) trivia game where you shout out the password, then announce what the song (or movie) is, and they give you arbitrary points and if you win yu get... something. Some people like it, sure. I think it's stupid. *shrug* A thought on the pervasive "Down-Sexifying" management policy and how it is infiltrating pretty much everything TTR. This type of Stupid Game goes all the way back to the BBG days, as I remember it being played in a similar fashion back in the day. By way of example, the new passwords the last two days we were, "Tequila," and "Let's Play." Wow, that's original... super-sexy, too. Contrasted with pre-reno TTR, which passwords were often short statements like, "I suck c*ck," or "I swallow" or "C*m on my T*ts," stuff like that. Can you see what I mean? Can't be saying suggestive stuff in a big group, people might get... crazy? Just something I noticed. Sort of like the "Sex Police" theme of many recent reviews. The Sexy Game is more what you'd think, some sort of drinking competition, or belly flop competition, or Ms. Temptation or Ironman thing, with combination of sexy dance, drink, obstacle course and of course you get time taken off if you do the course naked... but not Nearly so much of the "Get Naked to Get Bonus" as in past trips.

    Now, Actually In the pool, all of the normal stuff seemed to be going on, though in the group we were with there didn't seem to be any of the bodyshots, etc., but that could easily have just been our crew. We ended up with several first time newbie couples, who were just flexing their party muscles, and several 10+ visits to TTR couples who had BT, DT and din't really feel the need, right then, to get all crazy. It was fine with me, as noted above. Music around the pool during the day was OK if you didn't actually pay attention to it and just left it in the party background. Y'all know what "Mash-ups" are, right? I think that, 90% of the time when I'd actually focus on the music, the DJ was playing a mash-up of one song over the top of another song with the same rhythms. After three days, his shiny new toy got annoying... so I had to tune it out, which, as it happens, is Very Easy in TTR's Sexy Pool. *snort* There is Plenty o e distracted by and with.

    For Dinner, we're really simple. We started our first night eating at Sutra (Asian), the next night at Romanza (Italian) and we just alternated those two the entire trip. No reservations necessary to eat at Sutra if you skip the Habachi, which is easy for us. Hibachi is all right, but we can have it anytime we want, and we can't get the reeally good asian food as easily where we live in Houston.... it's quite a drive, and way more expensive, to get the quality at home. Hibachi? Easy. We didn't hit She, as I've no interest at all in a 3-hour show as they feed me tiny bites. Eating is a task, not entertainment, for us. I understand that Mario recently changed up the She program, and we've no idea. Maybe, if the reports indicate we can get in, eat, and get out in under an hour if we want, we may try it. We didn't go to Sea Flirt for breakfast once this trip... we usually do that at least 1 or 2 days when we're there for a week. No steak or buffet at all, either, as we've learned that we're beef snobs, coming out of Houston, so best to skip trying a Mexican steak there at TTR rather than having a bad experience and being mad.

    Theme night time...

    Stacia's lingerie outfit was a hit, simple little red bralet (I actually know what that is, finally, after almost 21 years of marriage, Go Me) and high-cut panties of same color and fabric. Got lots of compliments on the outfit and the booty, so that worked out well.

    All our daytime weather, except for a single 20-minute shower on Friday, was great. Averaged about 85F with good sunshine all the days. Pool temp was a bit brisk, but we didn't get In the pool very much as the water is a bit too deep for her dinky self, so mostly we hang out at the Members/VIP deck bar with people talking, or on the edge of the pool or in one of the fun holes chatting. Didn't get to the hot tub one time as the people with whom we were hanging out weren't going and it's a scene that sort of skeeves Stacia out unless she's surrounded by "her people." She's not a fan of the random guy attempting an ass grab or finger bang, and she's not handing out handjobs (see what I did there?), so...

    Thursday night was Naughty Schoolgirl, and she loves that outfit, and nailed it. I drank a bit more than usual during the day, so I was sort of run down and we didn't hang out past 1:00 a.m. I ended up just wanting to crash, and since she was tired, she went along with me.

    Friday was White Night, and she humored me and went WDSN, which was cool. Still had a good time and this was the night that we met not one, not two, but three TTR newbie couples. One from San Rafael, California, another from Indianapolis, and the last (on their honeymoon no less) from Ft. Collins, Colorado. Good people all, who all intend to return, probably later this year.

    Saturday night was Glow Night, but Stacia forgot and didn't pack for it, so she went impromptu, alternate lingerie night with something which could potentially glow under a black light. It worked out OK.

    Sunday night was TTR's Boogie Nights theme, and sheer night, and she packed for sheer but ended up not wanting to dress up again, so we chilled on it and spent the night just hanging out with the newbies.

    And then, wham... Monday showed up and it was time to pack and go home. Ack... no Bueno...

    But, back in May!
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  2. MorayMike

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    I hope the water warms up in the next two weeks. Doubtful, but I can hope.
  3. Matt and Lisa

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    Great report, dirty old man
  4. Nathan and Sara

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    great meeting you guys. My wife raved about Stacia. We have some pics from glow night i can email over if you like.
  5. FakeNewsTeam

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    Thanks for taking the time John!
  6. MoFun

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    Can you tell me what WDSN stands for? Need it for my Temptation dictionary. ;)
  7. shaw&sher

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    White Dress Shirt Night
  8. Restling

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    Thanks for the many trip reports.

    Bummer the water temp,and depth still seems to be an issue. So much for a heated pool.

    We have been in room 7316, which was just to the right of the walkway of the bathrooms. While it is a great location, and I would take it again, it can be quite noisy, as all if the sound from Bash just funnels right up thru the walkway. Further down towards Scores was a little quieter.
  9. Jen&Kyle

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    Thanks for the report John. As interesting and funny as always.

    Question...had they swapped out the lounge chairs yet pool side when you were there? Mario’s video indicated they were changing soon (or maybe had already been changed).
  10. ScubaSteve

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    Another one in the record books. Glad you had a fun trip. Appreciate the review; it provided some wonderful lunchtime reading, and got me pumped up about this upcoming May trip.
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