Extensive Packing List!

Discussion in 'Temptation Cancun' started by arw22000, Jan 14, 2024.

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    I have a similar list…which has gotten much smaller over the years.

    I have a little “Cancun kit” ( small makeup bag) that holds a small thing of super glue , miniature roll of scotch tape, sticky notes, sharpie, a couple safety pins, rubber band, tiny envelope sewing kit, suction hooks, tide to go pen, and a fold up straw cleaning brush.

    The super glue has been a life saver…. One year it saved a broken flip flop… One year it saved a broken nail, etc.

    what I have brought in the past that I no longer bring or need: bras (I seriously don’t wear one the entire time…not even on the plane any more), straightener ( the tower rooms have them already…unless they’ve removed them in the last year), bug spray ( bugs LOVE me, but I’ve never been bit down there), pjs, more than 1 pair of heels, and the majority of my clothing!

    I’ve learned that I only use the bare minimum. I bring a couple tshirt dresses or shorts/top to throw on for breakfast, then we usually go back to the room and I change into my suit bottoms ( I bring a few different pairs, and leave the tops at home) , throw on a cover up and we head to the pool for the day. I bring 3 or 4 dinner dresses, and then depending on the themes, skimpy outfits for that. I never need as much clothing as I think I will. And the only non-skimpy thing I still bring is a pair of pants and a long sleeve something, in case it rains and we are stuck inside in the A/C all day ( I get cold easily).

    Depending on how long we are staying, I rotate and wear everything 2 or 3 times.

    For my hair…well, it doesn’t like the humidity, so it’s never perfect. I now skip bringing all the tools and products. The amount of day drinking and partying we do does not equal energy to do my hair all fancy in the evening…My hair spends a lot of time in a pony tail/bun/braids/etc.

    This year, I am determined to fit into only carry on luggage. No one remembers what you wear each day, and beer goggles make everyone look good all day long :)
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    Thank you @arw22000 for this great list! We've been to Cancun many times, but we always seem to forget something, despite having lists.

    And thank you @Renee for bumping this post as I could not remember where I had seen it, and I wanted to save a copy of it.
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