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    Hi everyone,

    As per the title indicates, My girlfriend and I will be going to Cancun mid Nov and staying at the Excellence Playa Mujeres. I've been to Cancun twice before ( but with my buddies) but this is a first time for her. Jsut a couple of questions.

    1- In regards to the excellence Playa Mujeres I've read that building 8 & 9 are the better choices to get, can anyone confirm this and give any additional info.

    2- Been almost 10 years since I've been to Cancun not sure of any changes. Is the nightlife still the same?. Are there any other strips or areas you can go to besides the "club" area in cancun that are would be classified as hot spots?

    3- What are some popular excurisons/parties to go on besdies what is provided with the hotel?? (Ie boat parties..)

    4- any great places to check out off resort that couples would enjoy ( restaurants, Patios, attractions)

    5- I know from my previous stays in Cancun that there is a bus that goes along the "hotel zone" and into the city. Are there any public transportation (during the day and night) that would get you to and from Excellence Playa Mujeres to the hotel zone or would I have to use a cab/rental

    Thanks in advance. :daveandmo:
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