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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by lkachina, Apr 23, 2005.

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    can anyone rec. an adult under the stars dining cruise.

    looking for a bit of romance :clap:

    thanks to all of you for all of the wonderful information and tips
    on this site. we leave on wed !!!!
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    The Columbus Lobster Dinner cruise sounds like the type of thing you may be looking for. I've never done this one myself but you can find out more information at the link below:
    Lobster Dinner Cruise

    Less romantic but maybe more fun is the Caribbean Carnaval Cruise:
    Caribbean Carnaval Cruise

    and the Captain Hook Pirate Night cruise, I've done this one about 5 times and it is a great night out:

    Pirate Night Cruise
  3. Naoautorizada

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    I have, quite recently, and would not recommend. This cruise is billed as 'romantic' and starts out very nicely, but they do 2 things that characterize a tourist attraction gone bad:

    1. They don't allow you to board until you pose for a picture and then try and sell it to you for $10 during the cruise.

    2. The crew forms forms a line on the exist ramp with one holding out a treasure-chest-shaped container with a slot cut into the top (like an immense piggy bank!), forcing the passengers to exit in single file past each crew member and the piggy bank bearer (clearly looking for tips).

    I don't mind giving tips for good service (as a matter of fact, I enjoy tipping generously for exceptional service) and I suppose they're within their rights (although not by much) to request money for a photo they essentially coerce you into posing for - but both of these schemes depend too greatly on intimidation to extract additional money from couples that have already shelled out over $100 for the pleasure of this relatively short cruise.

    Thumbs down on this one - Hopefully this sort of thing doesn't become a trend and ruin what we've always really liked about Cancun.
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