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    (Public Service Announcement--from the English-speaking people in the parish. Press Release)

    The Risen Christ website http://english.cristoresucitadocancun.org/ Spanish http://cristoresucitadocancun.org/ ;

    "We are a group of 20 local members who join together each Sunday at the 9 AM English Mass in Cristo Resucitado to welcome the English speaking tourists who come to Mass there; offering any help and information needed to make their presence in our Parish and assistance at Holy Mass better.

    We are continually looking for ways to promote the availability of an English Catholic Liturgy, Sacraments of Confession, Matrimony or if/when necessary the last rites.

    Contact person; Bonnie 0449985 771082 or Henry 0449981 872790

    Padre Peter c/o 52 99 849 5035

    Or can contact Bonnie personally at her email address bonylumx@hotmail.com ."
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