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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Steve, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. parrotthead

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    i have booked this hotel for may 11 for three nights now they are telling me they are going down to reevaluate the condition of the hotel april 1 to see if it is up to standards for our holiday. does this look promising to anyone that has actually seen it? HELP :!:
  2. Michael F.

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    Feb 17, 2003
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    Welcome aboard. As far as who is doing the re-evaluating...is that Apple Vacations? Hope not...they just screwed over a few of the Spring Breakers by booking them at El Pueblito without knowing a firm "open" date. They've been moved to other resorts now. The El Pueblito should be open soon. Am still looking for the latest word, myself.
  3. parrotthead

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    i booked our vacation thru vacation express. i got impatient so i emailed the hotel directly and they said "sorry we do not have an exact date for operating 100 o/o " so i guess it will be a waiting game hopefully with vaca exp waiting 30 days before our holiday to determine if it is ok to go ahead and book us there they can find a hotel for us :?
  4. Ana

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    We pick up today passengers from El Pueblito = it is open and no complains so far.
  5. monymony3471

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    This is an email I got today directly from the hotel:

    "Let me inform you that the Hotel is open partialy, we just have open aprox 50 rooms. I hope in May all roms(349) are going to be ready.

    -We have open 2 restaurants
    -The lobby bar
    -Five pools and slidewater
    -The entertaiment team offers activities during day and night

    If you have any further assistance do not hestiate to contact me

    Best Regards

    Adriana Castil
    Encargada de reservaciones/Reservations Manger
    Tel: 998 - 881 8800
    Fax: 998 - 885 2066
    msn: acastilu@hotmail.com

    Just thought I'd share.
  6. mexicanwave

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    Thanks for the info.

    El Pueblito is another hotel which posts absolutely no updated information on its website - http://www.pueblitohotels.com

    There's no excuse.

  7. Leaves82

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    Can someone give me an update on the status/quality of this hotel? Maybe some pics? I'm supposed to check-in on April 9th and I've heard nothing but negative things about this hotel and the damages they recieved.
  8. monymony3471

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    All I know is that after emailing Jim in Cancun's pictures he took from March 5 to my travel agent she told me to cancel and find something else. We are scheduled to head down there May 17-23. She forwarded the pictures to her Apple rep and was told some apple people left over the weekend to assess these properties that have so many customers in an uproar.

    I just want a nice beach and a clean place to sleep. Oh yea, and a lot to drink.
  9. Sunny Stace

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    Please be sure to let us know what the verdict is! Thanks. :wink:

    ADELAIDE Guest

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    any recent picturers

    :? anyone have any recent pictures of the beach and how lookssince march 21st?
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