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    Are in order this weekend. I'm out tomorrow night w/ a mission to get drunk for my 21 b'day... Ok ok so I'm not going to be 21 but I can party like I'm 21 so bring on the DRINKS! I've got my weekend pretty booked I'm off from work tomorrow for the B'day then out to Arlington to hook up w/ family. Plans to go out w/ about 5 chicks who I believe are mostly single so wish me luck lol, I gotta get some b'day luvin right?

    Anyways If I got your # be aware you may receive a call be warned if your name starts w/ an A B or C you will likely be first as I generally start from the top of my address book and work my way down. So don't be offended if your name starts w/ something other than ABC it just means I was too drunk to make it that far down the list. If I don't have your # and you want to be included on the random dials PM me and we'll see if you will be visited by the Drunk Texan on a Mission. Be forwarned if your female I will likely make naughty suggestions.

    PS. If I have your # and you want to be removed from the drunk dialing list......

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