Drm J&k April 2021 Roll Call.

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INCLUDING This trip, how many times have you been to DRM?

  1. This is our 1st trip.

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  2. 2nd Trip

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  3. 3rd Trip

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  4. 4th Trip

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  5. 5th trip

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  6. 6th trip

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  7. We lost count...

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    Hello Everyone.

    ONLY 206 more short days till Apri 1st as of today.

    Hope all is gong well for everyone. We are once again returning to the resort for our 6th Annual April trip. Just thought we would start this April Group 2021 Roll Call List for all going to chime in. If you care to add to this thread, remember to perhaps add your first names or maybe your initials, along with your dates in your post. This so others here will know if they overlap with their dates. :)

    This April will be out 15++trip since 2004. Like many of you here you tend to lose track after so many years, not a bad thing. Some of you may know us from our past 10 plus years of October/April Groups.:) We are looking forward to once again seeing some old and new friends this October. If anyone cares to chat, or has any questions, please feel free to reach out.

    So, fellow April DRM couples, add your first names & dates below and start the conversation.
    Always great to know others before you arrive to chat with around the pool/hottub.. ;)

    Hope everyone has a great week.
    See some of you around the pool for drinks. :)
    Jeff/ J&K
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