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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Steve, Jan 22, 2005.

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    Dos Playas

    Post comments, reviews, trip reports and links to your pictures for Dos Playas here.

    Located at Km6 it is a short bus ride away to downtown and to the main party centre. This hotel is bay side.

    Check the links below for availability and pricing with the following operators:

    Best Day Cancun


    Cancuntravel (All Inclusive)

    Cancuntravel (European Plan)

    Travel Center (All Inclusive)

    Travel Center (European Plan)
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    I stayed here in 2001. Its a great location for anyone. Fat Tuesdays is right next door, as well as a small mini mart for food. Lots to do around the area! The hotel as a whole was ok. Never had any problem with the staff or the room. The food at the hotel was ok as well, we had their buffet every afternoon, seemed pretty good and clean! In my opinion, good hotel! Smaller, but good!! A good choice if your looking for a good hotel at a cheap price!
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    Dos Playas was a cozy place but if you are looking for luxury, you would have to look elsewhere. We stayed at one of the kitchenette suites that was owned by people not associated with the property and thus we had our own keys and really only went to the reception (who were very helpful) if we had general questions.

    From what I gather, when you stay AI the rooms and their cleanliness vary day to day and staff to staff; in other words, it can be off and on in terms of cleanliness. The pool is of smaller size but the ocean is just steps away. Playa Tortugas was a very nice beach and that water was so calmand of course so light blue. Nearby is a dock that can take you to Isla Mujeres, etc. but it is more expensive than taking it at somewhere like Puerto Juarez. Gray Line tours is practically next door as well so if you come unprepared for a day trip, its very easy to set one up with them. Their prices seem to be standard even though we purchased through Brant, which really just equated to a few dollars off each person. Brant’s card really helped out with meals and clubs though ;)

    We only ate once at the restaurant, which is located near the pool, and the food was decent. Breakfast buffet price was $10 per person at that time (April 2004), during Semana Santa (Easter) Week. There is an Oxxo convenience store (and a family owned one) near where Gray Line is, so for those desperate cravings that you need to satisfy at night, there is a place that can help with that.

    The best thing to Dos Playas was the location, in my opinion. Being near Fat Tuesday was good, but nothing too spectacular. However, being in between Punta Cancun and Downtown Cancun was perfect for us. Really, just a bus ride away to either fun area. We weren’t overly crowded by neighbouring hotels and/or businesses and the stretch of Playa Tortugas was a great walk and run.

    This is a great spot for the budget traveler or spring breaker – you are in between two key spots of Cancun (punta cancun and downtown), near a tour operator and a convenience store, bus stations to and from each direction of the 7, away from the noise where a lot of hotels are crammed together, as well as the pleasantness of a calm beach.

    Given all this, we actually are planning our second trip to Cancun staying at this property again :)
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    Glad to hear good things, I'll post up my comments when I get back from SB.
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    I had a really good time at dos playas, much better then expected. The reviews around are not great at all and it surpassed my expectation. I mean the place is not top of the line by anymeans but for the cash you spend 1000(cnd) it surely get the job done. Rico is a great guy for the animation team and hooked it up on several occasions and Venus at the bar at night is a really cood cat as well. The snack bar guy is awesome too (forgot his name), if you go dont forget about the snack bar its up at the top away from the pool and the hot dogs are pretty good. Overall, id say the food was pretty good but it sucks that its not 24/7 so I ate a lot of pizza. They only give you one key per room which really sucks esp if you sometimes forget it in the room or your buddy with the key is nowhere to be found. Overall though, Dos Playas is def worth the money for a 3 star. If anyone has any questions dont be afraid to reply/pm.
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    This hotel is my alternative to the Club Carrousel, can anyone tell me what the all inclusive is like?
    Is there any good beer, Corona etc on offer and i have heard that spirits are limited and only mixed with Cola.

    Any advice on this hotel for a couple of mid 20's guys who are out to have some fun and also chill in the Carib sun :)

    Many thanks

    Damian (UK)
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    My friend Melissa and I are staying at the Dos Playas! There are two other girls coming but we're not sure which ones are coming.... lol ..... is anyone going March 12-18th? :D

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    Alright, I'm all set!!

    Stayin at the Dos start of next March, 2nd - 8th.

    Myself and another mate are coming from Australia, then travellin on elsewhere. Anyone else whos going to be there, send me a PM and I've no doubt we'll catch up for some drinks :D 8)

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    aite everyone, how u doin? yea ill be there around the 12th, may catch u there!
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    Just read all the opinions,sounds like the go!Good to hear some more aussies are making their way over,yeah!This place sounds alright..
    Good stuff! :D
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