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    If anyone is ever interested in buying dollars / selling pesos from time to time, I know of people who would sell dollars / buy pesos at the current average between the Banamex buy and sell rate. Good for both parties.

    Example: Banamex rates at the close of business yesterday were $12.61 and $13.11, with the average being $12.86. If someone wanted to buy $1,000 US from Banamex, it would cost them $13,110 pesos. At this proposal it would only cost $12,860, for a savings of $250. The person on the other side of the transaction realizes a similar savings. Not a ton of money but a days wages for many. But if you were going to drive to the bank to buy $1,000 USD, why not just drive to another location and save half the bank commission.

    Just something I wanted to throw out there.
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