Dive festival, May 30, Akumal

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    Divers can plunge into the festivities on May 30th as part of a three-day celebration -- to commemorate 50 years since Pablo Bush Romero first arrived in Akumal, Mexico, on an expedition to the Matanceros shipwreck.

    Divers on Akumal’s reefs find schools of fish like they have never seen before!

    Among those reefs and fish, divers can search for treasures during the Pablo Bush Romero Dive Festival! The Akumal Dive Shop has already donated a Technisub compact pro mask ($175.00 value), Aqua lung new sling shot fins ($225.00) and Aqua lung Titan regulator ($500.00), as well as a complimentary hat and t-shirt for every participating diver. Those are treasurers worth the hunt! And we'll be getting more prizes before the divers hit the water.

    For a deco stop, a featured speaker will share diving trips that ost divers can only hope to experience.

    In the evening, divers and friends will gather at the Lol Ha beach bar to claim their treasurers, carry their buddy for 100 feet for more treasures, show their C-cards to find the oldest among them, and engage in other antics.

    This will be a dive festival like Akumal has never seen before!

    Book your flight, and reserve your dive times with the host dive shops -- Akumal Dive Center and Akumal Dive Shop.

    Check the dive festival details!

    And be sure to get to Akumal on May 30th!

    Ed Blume
    Volunteer, Centro Ecologico Akumal
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