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Discussion in 'Free For All' started by Lisa Groves, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. Lisa Groves

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    Well - my parents have moved to Devon and I decided to take a trip to visit them in their new home on Sunday and check our their new life.

    They have bought a beautiful house on Courtlands Estate in an old fishing village called Lympstone. It seems so quiet there - with tons of fields full of sheep and cows and a view over the Exe Estuary - I actually know what fresh air smells like now!!!!

    They decided to walk me down the hill towards the village - now I realise I have not bought the correct attire for country life and nobody wears high heels. Am in need of investment into walking boots and a fleece!!! Plus one of those stick things that everyone seems to lean on when they go walking!!

    20 minutes later we are in a very deserted village and I am bright red in the face having never walked so far before - apart from to the chip shop!!

    We decided to go to the local pub and try out the local ale - I think everyone in there was interbred and crys of "aaaarrrr" and "oiv lived in this there village all moi loif" from the locals were to be heard (they all speak with a west country farmers accent like the Wurzels!!). I had some local cider (fantastic) and my mum had a half of the local ale - dad was a girlie and had a shandy!!! The dogs decided to bark at everyone who walked through the doors and we were soon invited to the locals table to sample pork scratchings and receive an invite to the disco they are organising in a couple of weeks (good look mum and dad - they are actually using the word "groovy" on the poster!!).

    Mum and Dad then made me walk around the village and back up the hill, where I promptly died and fell asleep on the bed not used to country living or the strength of the local cider!!

    Dad took me and my sister out for a lushious meal that evening at a local pub - which actually was extremely posh and we had goats cheese starters and then roast beef with yorkshire pudding and roast potatoes with lashings of red wine!!!!!

    I slept very peacefully that evening!!!

    Woken up in the morning with a beautiful view of the Estuary and walked to the window to realise that I was naked and the gardener was in the back garden!!!!!! So flashed him (a smile!!) and then got ready in mum and dad's "rain shower" (enough to fit two people in - dont want to think about what they get up to when I am not around - ugh!!).

    Then we went to Darts Farm - which is an organic deli with a cafe next to it. I opted for the breakfast - explained that I didnt eat egg and could I substitute it for sausage (of course I hear you cry!!) - well - my breakfast was massive and I had four sausages on there!!!!!! With two slices of bacon, mushrooms, toast and tea - fantastic!!!

    I then spent a fortune in the deli - they were handing out free pancakes which you could dip into their wild blueberry sauce - so had to sample it a couple of times!!!! Bought the local banana cake - lushious - nearly as nice as the one at BBG!!!

    We then went shopping for kitchen items for Mum and went to the gift shop before settling down in the afternoon for a huge hunk of carrot cake and hot chocolate.

    Mum bought me a huge furry rabbit to look after me now she has moved away (some of you may know I have house rabbits called Dave and Lola plus the disney character Thumper tattooed on my arse - am very into rabbits!!!!!!)

    Jen - I havnt yet found a tea shop serving devon teas. But there is a tea shop in the village that wasnt open on Sunday - so will investigate at next trip!!

    Apparently last week Robbie Williams viewed the mansion house that is round the corner from Mum and Dad - but it wasnt secure enough!! Could you imagine if he had moved in - I would be visiting all the time!!!!

    I shed many a tear before I left to come back to Bristol - but I have to say that maybe I am a country girl at heart and could be investing in some wellies in the near future instead of my Playboy high heels!!!

    Spent last night being cheered up by Marj over a glass of wine and a big block of Cadburys - now looking forward to the next trip - which is on Friday!!!!

    I am apparently going to the "Mariners Munch" next Friday at the local fishermans lodge - where you get parsnip soup, sponge pudding and fruit cake for £2!! When I first saw the poster I thought it was advertising the local s&x shop!!!!!!! I am hoping that I am not attending a swingers club in disguise!!!!

    Will do trip report on Mariners Munch next week!!!!!
  2. apple

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    great trip report lisa!

    and if robbie williams moves in close to your mum and dad, im moving in with them cause i wonna visit robbie too!
  3. Lisa Groves

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    Will post reports on who visits the house - it is a massive mansion house on market for £2.5m - so somebody famous must move in - I am hoping it is a big black rapper!!!!!! :wink:
  4. apple

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    are there any in devon?

    i shall have my bags packed and ready for when the news hits of whos moving in :cool:
  5. us2933

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    south wales
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    I need a Mariners Munch please :shock:
  6. Lisa Groves

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    I think you started the club Lynfa!!!

    Update on Mariners Munch - my mum went down to the boat house today and chatted up some boat man - apparently you are supposed to be a member to go but he said that if we say we are a friend of Neils they will let us in!!!!!! (still think it is some secret fettish club!!!)

    Have purchased wellys on the net today so will fit in next weekend!!!!
  7. apple

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    did you get pretty ones or just plain black ones?
  8. mitchellfam

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    great report! I can't wait to hear about this weekend. I would love to visit a place like that. Very cool. :cool:
  9. jenfleur

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    Excellent report Lis!! :headbanger: Did Susan go too?

    Hahaha - send photo immediately of that!!

    They speak like you then?!

    Gross!! Are they like the ones in your local pub?

    Delicious. Am craving a roast, send one. Did you take a pic of it?

    Get the recipe off the farmer and make some!!

    Damn it. Go there asap. Still not had a cream tea with Devonshire Jodie yet either.

    Bet you a pound that Lynfa goes there!
  10. Ian

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    Not a patch on you shouting 'aaaaaaaaaaaalrooooooooooooight moi luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvver ' then at the top of your pipes :lol: :lol:

    Ian :lol: :lol:
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