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Discussion in 'Desire Pearl Forum' started by sharonjason, Feb 12, 2018.

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    Hi Guys
    We are TTR veterans and are visiting TTR and Pearl this year (first timers at Pearl). Any tips or recommendations? Also, what is stocked in the mini bar?
    Thank you x
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    You may want to consider the other forum Desire Resort Forums • Index page as it has a lot more information on the Desire Resorts.

    Last time we were there the mini bar had water, soda and beer. We are arriving for our second visit next Friday.
    Although we have never been to TTR, Pearl will be more low key from what I hear.

    This is what one couple wrote:

    For us Temptation has a very sexy and friendly vibe with tons of people exploring their boundaries beyond normal and also includes singles that are keen to meet people and make friends. We've been to Temptation 8 or so times, Riviera Maya twice and Pearl 6 or so times. We are leaving for TTR on the 14th for 6 nights then going to RM for 2 nights and then Pearl for 6 more nights. TTR and RM are 30 mins apart and Pearl is a bit more south of RM by about 10 mins by taxi.

    We've found that Riviera Maya rooms are overdue for an update by comparison to Pearl and now the updated TTR. RM is fun and we went there while TTR was closed for the fun, dancing and excitement. We keep Pearl as our last stop for the recovery days before we go home. Super place with all rooms ocean view, least amount of guests, beyond exceptional service and full on immersion in couples romance. Pearl activates all our senses for romance but there is less dancing and evening socializing outside of the hot tub than TTR and RM.

    We do love all 3 places by for different reasons so let us know what you want to experience the most and perhaps we can point you to one resort over the others. Either way it's best to prepare for the sexiest holiday of your life!!

    Daytime fun for you guys is it participation in pool volleyball and all kinds of entertainment team led pool activities or beach lounging, maybe poolside lounge socializing, off-site excursions/shopping, gym and relaxation around a semi-quiet pool. Or is it a plan to drink hard and party all day.

    Our beat way to describe the difference in the 3 is TTR has the opportunity to party like a frat party, RM can give you the chance to party like a house party and Pearl can be like a more elegant dinner party. All are awesome but different. You can also find people who will party all 3 styles at all 3 resorts so it's not really black and white differences. Meaning you can find what you are looking for at all 3. Only question is how much of it you want to be immersed in?
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