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    Does anyone have a personal recommendation for a dermatologist? I'm going to need something removed and biopsied. With the sun down here, you can't be too careful.
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    dermatologist in cancun

    Yes, a good friend of mine is an MD, specializing in Dermatology. Dr. Judith Verdin on Ave Tankah #7, 884-1570 or her cell can also email her at
    She has helped me with spots, and she is excellent for Botox as well. Tell her Trina recommended you to her...she will take good care of ya.
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    I can recommend Dr. Judith too. So tell her TRINA AND T.J. Je je.

    If you are on Chichen and go toward Market 28, it is on the right just before you start the curve. The bottom floor is lots of glass and there are some initials on the top of the building but of course I forget what they are.
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    Thanks! I'll call her Monday.
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