Days of the week to visit clubs when they are not crazy crowded

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Albertan_Roberto, May 3, 2015.

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    Hey everybody,
    We are 5 single guys (middle 20's) going to Cancun for our buddy's marriage next week tuesday May 12th to tuesday the 19th,2015 (I am sorry for not having posted my question before).

    I have been to cancun twice (first time in spring break-march 2013 and 2nd time end of april 2013, yes same year) and definitely the 2nd time I had way more fun and one of the main reasons was that the clubs were not packed as during spring break (not being able to move at all and your drink being spilled all the time). Being able to walk around and approach people naturally to say hi and have space to actually dance on the dance floor were crucial and made my 2nd time in cancun a time I will never forget :aktion033:

    Based on this experience we would like to actually go to the City, Cocobongo and Sr Frogs during the nights where they wont be crazy packed busy but still of course there will be enough people to socialize and mingle with (we dont wanna go when is completely dead either). So my question (an unusual one) is

    ***what are the days of the week in which you went at night to the City, Cocobongo and Sr Frogs and you found enough people to socialize and party with but it was not crazy busy so you didnt have room to move around or dance?


    ***what day of the week you went and it was crazy packed busy (so you didnt enjoy it too much or at all)? (we will likely avoid going to that club on that specific day)

    Answers from people that have gone this year 2015 will be more accurate but whoever has gone in previous years feel free to answer as well. If you guys have comments about other clubs such as Dadyos or others and how you had fun as well on certain day please feel free to let us know.

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