Daylight Savings Time in Cancun - 2007

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by throwin, Feb 3, 2007.

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    It appears that there is some confusion as to when DST is for Cancun. As you all know, the US has altered their DST back from April 1st to March 11th. Cancun has always followed the US for this. However, it seems that Cancun will not follow our DST for this year. I've searched the internet and got mixed answers but it appears that they will leave their DST date at April 1st. That causes ALOT of confusion with airline timetables. Even they don't know the rules. Normally there is a 1 hour time difference between Cancun and EST. But, for dates March 11 thru April 1st, they will be 2 hours behind!

    Here is a list of the major airlines that have allowed the correct 2 hour time difference and the ones that have the wrong 1 hour time difference between EST and Cancun time. This is only for dates March 11th thru April 1st. Check your times for airport transfers.

    United - 2 hour
    Continental - 2 hour
    Northwest - 2 hour
    American - 1 hour
    Delta - 1 hour
    US Air - 1 hour
    Air Canada - 1 hour
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    I recently saw this news and it boggles. Why not make the change? I told hubby and he thought I was joking, I think he said "Mexico is smarter than that". :)

    I don't think many people here are even aware of the situation.
  3. Jim in Cancun

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    What is it that boggles? The fact that Mexico doesn't follow the U.S. lead unquestioningly and that makes it not "smart"?
  4. gbchayctca

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    Just like Arizona!
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