Day Trip?

Discussion in 'Temptation Cancun Forum' started by Danica & Brian, Nov 11, 2020.

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    Hey guys,

    We've had our plans fall through a few times for TTR , but we only live a few hours away. Would it be worth it for a day trip/overnight? We really want to get over there, but kids make it tricky.

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. Stacia_and_John

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    A full day at TTR would be well worth it, if you are needing to get away.
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    Yup, check in early day 1...real early as in 7-9am.
    Have breakfast.
    If room not ready just be sure to have a day bag and enjoy the festivities.
    Bell hops will keep your luggage until room is ready (sometimes not until 3pm).
    Have lunch.
    Sexy or Quiet or SkyBar Pool all day, Hot tub late day.
    Maybe a SNAP.
    Bash at 10pm for entertainment/show.
    Bash up until 3am when music stops.
    Maybe beach or room party.
    Your room for sleep or to host.

    Up early enough and repeat most of the day.
    Request late checkout say 2pm.
    Day bag.
    Check out and they cut off wrist bands but give you a slip that allows you to stay all day/evening (maybe until midnight)
    Another day and Bash.
    Make friends to use room to store luggage (or put in your car) and shower late.
    If before 6, shower up at SkyBar (roof top) but closed on Mondays.

    BAM....almost 2 full days/nights for the price of one night.
    Don’t worry about sleep as those kids can feed and take care of themselves!
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