Day Trip For First Timers.

Discussion in 'Desire Resort Forum' started by Ghannekes, Nov 24, 2019.

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    We are members at Temptatations. We always stay there 7 days than go to Desire Pearl for 3 days. During our stay at Temptations we take a day pass to Desire Riviera in the middle of our stay. You can get a free day pass to either of the Desire Resorts if you sit through the sales pitch. We tell them from the begining that we are not upgrading. They just give us information on any changes at Temptations. It last bout 20 minutes max. A 10 day vacation, all 3 Resorts, makes for an amazing vacation.
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    I was going to recommend this very tactic.

    If you are Not currently a Premier Member, you can agree to go to the membership pitch meeting so they can try to sell you... in exchange for a Desire day pass.

    If you are currently a member, it works just like the above. If your membership happens to be at Desire, like ours is as we did that particular upgrade during the reno, the day pass is free. If not, you'd have to pay for it, unless you work the meeting sit-through tactic set out by Redsetter, above.

    Another, even better option, is to simply go for two days, as you get to stay the night, too, and the nighttime partying is Great at DRM. Pearl... ahh... not so much, but DRM is fantastic. Pearl can be great during the day though, you just do your day drinking and fall "asleep."
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