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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by faulkster, Jan 16, 2007.

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    what are some good recommendations? Last time we did the snorkel adventure, and the Booze Cruise. We will do the Booze Cruise again for sure and dont know which snorkel trip to take. Any suggestions?
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    I love to take day trips to Isla Mujeres. No tour, just do it on your own. Take the ferry over, rent a golf cart, see the turtle farm, the Casa de Mundaca (pirates house), some amazing views on the east side, calm beach on the north side, cute little shopping and dining area in the middle. I also think this is the best place (outside of Cozumel) to do your snorkelling. Once you get off the ferry, there will be lots of guys selling snorkelling trips, pick your fave and off you go.

    Do a search of the board for the details on the ferries etc, there are lots of threads on Isla Mujeres.

    Have you considered the eco parks Xelha and Xcaret? Lots of bang for your buck there.
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    The snorkel tour at Puerto Morelos consistently gets good reviews. The reef there is far less disturbed and is very close to the shore;

    Pics and details at the link below
    Puerto Morelos Snorkel Tour

    Pretty much all the tours are detailed on my page at this link:
    Cancun Tours and each tour has its own page with pics info and prices etc.
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