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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Steve, Jan 23, 2005.

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    Crown Paradise Club

    Post comments, reviews, trip reports and links to your pictures for Crown Paradise Club here.

    Located at Km18 it is a 25 minute bus journey to the party center. This hotel is Ocean side. Downtown is a 45 minute bus journey away.

    Check the links below for information, availability and pricing with the following operators:

    Best Day Cancun



    Travel Center
  2. Archie

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    Any info?

    I was just wondering if anybody has been to this hotel as my wife and I will be heading there March 11 and it will be our first time in Cancun. We booked in late November and found out in December she is pregnant, so I will have the burden of holding up her end of the AI as well as my own, but we can't wait. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks
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    Well, I haven't been to the hotel but I heard that they don't allow pregnant women in Mexico. Maybe you should leave your wife at home and take me. I bet I could take care of her portion of the AI.
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    I went to this hotel with my family about 5 years ago and it was an amazing hotel. Ive been on 4 different vacations since then and none of them have been as nice as this one. Its definitely worth it... I still cant decide whether to go here with my friends in June or if i should just go back to Oasis Cancun. This is alot nicer then the Oasis, but its more of a family place and i have a feelign we'd be kicked out.
  5. englishbloke

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    Absolutely ace hotel. I saw a review on Tripadvisor comparing it during hurricane Wilma!! How can you?? We'll definately be back, we lost a third of our holiday because of Wilma, where do we want to return to? You guessed :D

    SUZLEW Guest

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    Does anyone have information on they're progressive for the clean up after the Hurrican? Pictures? It says June 2006 back to normal. We plan on traveling April 2006?
  7. Isabelle

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    Hey there... just wondering if anyone had any pictures of this resort... especially the beach area. I'm just wondering how damaged it actually is.... thanks a bunch :D
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    Crown Paradise activities staff

    I read some place that the activities staff was fired recently?! Has anyone heard any details regarding this? Thanks- on our way 3/28-4/4/06
  9. monymony3471

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    I was looking at the pictures of the beach recovery process and they were working right in front of this hotel earlier this month. Plus someone (Jim?)scanned a picture from one of the local newspapers from about a week ago and I believe it was from the pool of the CPC showing them working right there.

    My guess 600 feet of beach a day, it's done and just waiting for you to get there.
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    Hi everyone our family loves this hotel we have been there 4 times miss it sooooo much. We got to know some of the workers also.As a matter of fact we were wondering if anyone knows what happened to Christian who worked there for a couple of yrs? He was great with the people he worked outside by the pool with all the activities. Also Angel i know he was planning to leave this Dec with his girlfriend Vannessa. Any info would be great Thank you
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