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Discussion in 'Temptation Cancun' started by 12531, Oct 15, 2008.

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    We are headed for our 2nd trip. 10/24-31
    Would like to go to Chichen Itza Ruins for a day. Is the Entertainment Plus tour the best deal around? I know they have a tour that incl. the light show on Weds but that seems like a VERY long day to me so I think we will just do the day tour.
    What are the present local bus fares? As I remember they were 6.5 or 7 pesos. Still the same?
    Is the Best Day Transfers from airport for $17 RT the best shared transport to get?
    I know that Premier and RCI get free wireless access. Does it work in all the rooms or are theis dead zones?
    Is there still a horrendous wait at the airport to get through imigration?
    Is check in for members through the RCI office or the main desk?
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    I'll try and answer a couple...
    Bus fare is still the same.....To stay at Chitzen Itza for the night show is a long day...there is a tour that goes from the hotel that can be purchased at the towel hut through sergio...It is much smaller (12 people max) and returns about 5-6...still a long day...but was an excellent tour and your back for the evening shows at nice shoes. A lot of people use Brandts for the airport transfer...reliable and have not seen any complaints posted on the board yet.....Immigration is better now at the new airport...but really depends on arriaval times and how many other planes arrive when you do...we have never had to wait more that 10 min... hope this helps..
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