Cost of Taxi from Airport to Hotel, and tips?

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by p, Jan 5, 2008.

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    We are staying at the south end of the Island, K-19. What is the price of a taxi from the airport to the hotel? Any pointers for a better price?
  2. cindyinmpls

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    If your resort does not offer transfers I would go with Brant...entertainment plus. Otherwise, cancun valet also offers transportation.
    Both are very reliable and cost effective.

    Where are you staying?
  3. Mojito

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    We have also used getdita. You can't get a taxi from the airport to hotel. You can arrange private transfer (getdita, brants entertainment plus etc) or catch the collectivo. With the collectivo, you basically wait until the little van is full (or when they decide it is full enough) and make stops at all the hotels along the way. Since you are so far south, you may be the first to be dropped off, so it's just waiting to leave which can be frustrating. Collectivo was $9 per person last time I checked. A taxi from hotel to airport is easy to catch...cost is $15 - $20 plus tip.
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