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Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by T.J., Jan 18, 2007.

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    Did somebody say tequila?!?

    Sorry it took me a while to answer this thread, I had a password situation. Anyway I happen to agree with many of the suggestions T.J. made, but since he asked if I had others, here are a few brews and some observations:

    Corzo-seriously I can't believe I am about to say this but this tequila might be my new favorite. I tried the reposado, and did a side by side taste test with,
    Don Julio-one of my favorite tequilas. They make a fantastic reposado however their añejo and blanco I favor over
    Patron-easily found in the US so it is probably better to stay away from this brand when in Mexico, and stick with the ones that are harder to find such as
    Quinta Penas-don't laugh at the name because this stuff is fantastic. Its bottle is blue and looks very similar to the bottle of another brand that T.J. loves called
    Corralejo-we love their reposado (blue bottle) however their añejo in the red bottle is great as well. I was not overly thrilled with their blanco because it had a metal taste to it in my opinion. Same can be said for the blanco, which they call Platinum made by
    El Tesoro-by Don Felipe is an excellent añejo but as you move down to their reposado and platinum you tend to detect a metal flavor possibly from the stainless steal drums the tequila is stored in to cool
    Casa Noble-this is also a very good reposado. I have not tasted their other brews yet but I am willing to bet that they don't miss the mark
    Lapiz-I have had their añejo a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. I can't say that it is better than the others I named above because it has been so long since my last shot from them.
    Cazadores-someone once told me that "Chicks dig Cazadores" and for some reason for which I don't know why, they really seem to! Anyway, I'm not a "Chick" but I also liketheir reposado. I must say that I carried home a bottle of their añejo and was not very impressed.

    And that's about it, my brain hurts now so I thinks I will gets me a shot of Don Julio Reposado, or maybe a Crema 1921 because I just had dinner and it is the most perfect after dinner drink.

    212eric V.P.
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