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    For those that don't know about it yet...the International Women's Club of Cancun is a 25 year old club that welcomes English-speaking newcomers to Cancun. The club also holds a book sale each year, does charity work in Cancun and we hold various parties and fun events.

    Our first General Meeting of the year will be this Saturday at Gándara Restaurant.

    January General Meeting
    Saturday, January 10
    9:30 am
    Restaurant Gándara
    $110 MXP

    Gándara is located on Avenida Yaxchilan in SM17 and is across from Costco. Price includes breakfast, taxes and tip. All members, guests and newcomers are welcome.

    Hope to see you there!

    And yes, TJ, you are welcome if you dress in drag!
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    I was going to ask if I could just eat breakfast near the meeting and scout the local talent. Maybe dressing in drag would get me closer to the action. Thanks for the invite.

    Hey Everyone, RG called me a "dirty old man" a few months ago and I have not forgotten, but I have forgiven.
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