choices, choices choices...need y'all help urgently.

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Dream$, Jul 11, 2007.

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    Skip the first couple of paragraph if you don't like reading :(

    I need to book my vacation with my girlfriend to Cancun (7 nights)like ASAP, latest tomorrow.

    We both planned to save for our vacation, first it was roughly £1000 each then she said it was too much cause of some reason and we both agreed to £500 each but later she couldn't make it, anyway I managed to save enough for both of us, £1,500 and said I'd just go ahead and pay for both of us.


    I chose Cancun, but we can't go away till the 18th of July, so I need to book now.

    I've seen some options for hotels, I was looking at Gran Oasis playa(stunning hotel) at first but here are the other options and prices for hotels (all inclusive only)...these are all in pounds

    Maya Caribe Hotel ---764

    Caribbean Princess --805

    Catalonia Riviera Maya---806

    Blue Bay Getaway ---865

    Grand Oasis Playa---869

    Some have fallen outside of my budget but they can be met...but which one of those is close to the beach, my boy just came back from Cancun and he said his hotel was far from the beach and he spent a lot of money on cab fare...also is anyone of those close to the clubs? for people around ages 20-25?
    Gym facility would be very nice too.

    Thanks and I'd be watching this all day today and tonite when I get back home.
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    Well here is a map of Cancun

    For starters the BBG, is closer than the Oasis properties.

    As you can see on map, ,Cancun is haped like a number 7, and if yuou look at the top I guess right where the seven meets that is where the clubs are,And that is where you wanna be close to. Now do keep in min cabs are not that pricey over in Cancun. Most you would ever pay is around 10-12 US . Also note that the Bus system is like 24 horus voer there, and buses come at the bus stops like every couple of mins and it's really I think 65 pesos..

    Buses are sometimes a funner way to travel in Cancun!
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    A taxi ride form BBG to the clubs will cost you about 100 pesos...$10USD.

    I wouldn't say BBG is a great choice for you if you're looking for people between the ages of 21-25. Most of BBG's guests are likely to be in their 30's and 40's.

    BBG also isn't on the ocean is on the bay side and while the beach there is okay it is cerainly not one of the niciest in Cancun.

    Try and make your reservations as soon as possible if you can. July is a huge month for Mexicans to vacation and sometimes the resorts fill up do that this month.

    Also, if you chose any resorts in the Mayan Riviera you will end up at the clubs in Playa del Carmen (which have a very different atmosphere than the ones in Cancun) or you're going to be spending lots of time riding the bus (about 1 hour each way) or paying big $$$$ for taxi's to get there and back.
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