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    Some of the most popular attractions in the area are the ruins of Mayan cities scattered throughout the Yucatan peninsula. The largest and most spectacular of these is Chichen Itza.


    Even though it is a 2 and 1/2 hour drive from Cancun, tourist flock to Chichen Itza by the 1,000's every day. A great way to see the ruins on a budget is to go with the public bus tours that run daily.

    The public tour from Cancun and the Riviera Maya includes pickup at almost hotels. The tour will stop at other hotels along the way to pick up more people, then head over to Chichen Itza.

    The first stop is at a cenote, or cavern-like sinkhole. Cenotes are like caves with fresh water rivers running underneath them. Bring your swimsuit and towel so you can jump in the cold water and explore the cenote to it's fullest.

    Next stop is souvenir shopping and lunch. These are usually in the same location not too far from Chichen Itza. My opinion is that this is a good place to window shop only. Keep in mind the guide on the bus will heavily push the souvenirs here because they do earn a commission on the sales. After about 45 minutes of shopping we'll have a buffet lunch. There are a good variety of salads, pastas, chicken, pork, rice and desserts on the buffet. Drinks are not included so be sure to bring some cash for that.

    Then the bus heads into Chichen Itza, arriving about 2:00 PM. Your entrance fee is included in the tour price, as well as a 90 minute guided tour of the ruins. After the guided tour you will also have free time to take photos and explore on your own. Your guide will tell you where to meet the bus for the ride back to Chichen Itza, usually about 5:00 PM.

    Sometimes on the way back the guide will sell water or beers ($1 - $2 each), but it is a good idea to bring bottled water with you just in case. Plan on arriving back in Cancun about 7:30 PM, at which time the tour will start dropping people off at the driveway entrances to the hotels (not at the lobby). Keep this in mind if your hotel sits back from the road a little ways, like at the Royal Islander.

    So if you are vacationing on a budget (and really these days who isn't?) this is an awesome tour to Chichen Itza. With all your transportation, entrance, guide, lunch souvenir shopping AND cenote visit included, you cannot go wrong with the Chichen Itza Classic tour option.

    Check Prices and book the Chichen Itza Classic tour here.

    However, keep in mind, this is a PUBLIC tour. You are on a set schedule locked into the tour guides itinerary. If you prefer more flexibility, you may want to consider the Chichen Itza Private tour instead.
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