Cheap phone calls UK - Mexico (1p min), Pls help Mexico - UK

Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by SamCancun, Sep 9, 2007.

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    Sam, if you pay for Skype OUT credit you can phone anywhere in the world.

    If you call skype to skype there is no charge.

    If you want a line for people to call you on your computer, you can purchase a phone number through skype so that people can call you. If your computer is on and you are away from it, people can leave a message for you which is great. I purchased a headset and though the connection isn't always perfect, it's a really cheap way to keep in touch. It's Called Skype IN. You can choose a number within your country or state (if they have it for your'll have to double check on that). I couldn't get a local Canadian number so I got a number close to the border in the states.
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    Hey I know this was posted a few weeks ago, but I recently got Yahoo! Voice. And it works over the comptuer like Skype does. You can pay $2.49 USD per month, or pay a slightly cheaper yearly fee. And you get a number that anyone can call. We chose an area code from the city were going to calls from the most. And to call out its only $.01 US and $.01 UK or $.20 UK mobile. I hope that can help you some. Its cheaper than Skype I believe, and just as good.
    Hope that can help :p
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