CFE tightens the screws

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    Our national electric company, the CFE, has for years subsidized the first few hundred KWH of use. In the summer, over the two month billing period, 900 KWH was eligible for the subsidy. This was important because it kept the bill from getting out of hand, for those who didn't use too much electricity.

    Now, the amount eligible for the subsidy has been cut 50%, to just 450 KWH during the summer months. Use 1400 KWH of electricity and the bill will be 3,700 pesos, where it would have been 2,700 before. Use more electricity and the difference will be even more dramatic, because each KWH will cost approximately 3.4 pesos, including taxes- an additional 3,400 pesos for each increment of 1,000 KWH of extra consumption.

    It's getting progressively harder to keep the electric bills in check, and the forecast is for an unusually hot summer this year.
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