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    We are looking for people who would be willing and able to provide funds for Christmas gifts for a child. My church does mission work for the orphanage in Bonfil, Casa Hogar Para NiƱos Esperanza and we have 15 kids that are going to provide gifts for.

    We are going to spend $600 pesos on each child, or $50 US and would like to find a few generous and able folks to "sponsor" a child, or ever half a child. We have not yet met our financial needs for Christmas for these loving, but needy children, who are from 3 to 18 years old, both boys and girls.

    If interested and willing, please send me a PM or call if you have my number. We can take Paypal or arrange meet you to pick up your donations.

    Two of our lady members have volunteered to do the buying so our needs are only financial for this special holiday.

    Thanks in advance if you are willing and able to give us some help so that these kids will have their best Christmas ever.

    Each week, with the help of our generous financial partners, we buy and deliver at least two cases of milk, 15 kg of meat (chicken, beef and pork) and anything else that they need. At the beginning of the school year we provided backpacks for each child, as well as the school supplies and clothing that they needed. Those of us who are involved in this wonderful work on a weekly basis cannot tell you the joy we feel in our hearts when we see these kids and the smiles and hugs that we get. We had donations of several nice bikes, all of which needed seats and needed some combination of pedals, brakes, and tire repairs. We took care of this, with the help of Mauro, at the bike shop between Tacos Rigo and Market 28. We are blessed to have now provided bikes for all the kids.

    Thanks in advance if some of you are able to help with this very worthy project. Every peso goes to buy something for the kids. Not one penny comes out for any of our costs or time.

    God bless.
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