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    Actually the cap would come in handy all week -
    My wife and I both needed a hat for most of the week after getting too much sun the first day. We kept SPF 80 on our noses most of the week.
    Also - we both tanned for a couple of months ahead of time to get a base tan - BUT don't let that fool you - the sun is intense there and you will need some SPF 20 or 30 at least from the get go to keep from getting burned.

    Regarding breakfast...Do yourself a favor and order Blood mary's (with no lime) for breakfast at the buffet with coffee and water...perfect combo with my eggs every day...when you pick a table a waiter will come to you almost immediatly and ask what you want to drink...tip him every day and he will be sure to serve you the whole week.

    Always TIP! We spent $100 in tips over the week we were there - and it was well worth it. It does make a difference in service..even with the maid service.! We always had fresh everything and a stocked Fridge because we left a few bucks for them every day.

    DON'T waste your money on the Congo Bongo night...we paid $80 for the two of us to be herded like sheep on buses - then thrown into a balcony area behind about 50 people who had arrived before us..It was for sure a fire hazard - and we could barely see anything. The Show was impressive from what we could see - but the system of herding the people in for Temptation was not worth the $80. We never say one of the Temptation staff the whole time we were there. The open bar is a joke! some guy shows up every 45 minutes to see if anyone needs a drink and he can't hear you cause the sound is so loud - then you end up getting something you never ordered and giving him a tip for it cause you are so exasperated by that point you are so desperate for alcohol you tip him for anything. We literally could not wait to get out of there and catch a cab back.

    Sexy Pool is awesome! But take the nice walk over to the quite pool bar to get drinks when the line is so long at the sexy pool bar! and don't forget to tip! The quite pool is underestimated and is a nice hang..never crowded. But don't miss the Activities at the sexy pool. They are very entertaining and funny and SEXY!

    Go to Xcaret if possible! We spent a day there and it was amazing.
    We had a rental car and drove there...
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