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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by darkladydi, Apr 26, 2008.

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    looking to try a different resort this july. all 4 have sales running. does anyone have any input? # 1- gran caribe real, # 2- gran melia, # 3- me cancun, and # 4- aqua cancun. we want an all-inclusive on the hotel zone. thanks for the help...
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    Check this site out:

    We did the maya encounter this year and it was absolutely worth it! It included all transportation, lunch, rapelling down a sinkhole, zipline, kayak ride, hike through the jungle, shaman blessing, swimming in a cenote, and finally a tour of the Coba ruins. And the bonus was a crocodile sighting!

    Definitely worth checking out. It was a full day of adventure!
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    From your list you must take out ME by Melia because the resort does not offer All-Inclusive. I like the idea of the Gran Melia because you can purchase the AI plan, on the morning when you decide you want it. This way, if you plan to leave the resort to go on a day trip, you won't feel like you just wasted money paying for an AI plan that you are not using.

    I'm not sure if the person above my post was answering you from another question you had, but if you are looking for great excursions, you should get ideas from the CANCUN TOP 100 or by surfing around this board.

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    I agree with 212eric with these added comments.

    I would keep it between Gran Melia and Aqua. SolMelia is a chain from Spain and their GranMelia is a beautiful property. It is spread out so that it is possible to take 10 minutes to walk from the Reception area (front desk) to the elevator taking you to your room. If you choose this hotel, do your best to get a room in the same tower as where you check in.

    If the money is about the same, my choice would be the Aqua. This hotel is better located, across the street from La Isla, a large shopping and dining mall. Aqua is a new product from the Grupo Posada chain, the largest in Central America and the folks who own Fiesta Americana hotels.

    Good luck.
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