Cancun Travel Writer Needed for Tour Itinerary - $75+

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    I am the founder of a new travel startup and we're looking for a writer based in Cancun. The writer will create a 3-day self-guided tour itinerary. You'll be the travelers tour guide, guiding them through the best places in Cancun!

    To see an example of a 1-day itinerary, please visit: Self-Guided Tour Itinerary - San Francisco.

    For more information about this position, you can view our official blog post here: Unanchor Announces – New Itinerary Writer Payment Program | Unanchor Blog.

    You can apply for the position via our website: Itinerary Writer Application Form.

    The writer will be paid $75 via Paypal once the itinerary is complete. Additionally, the writer will receive 75% from the sale of each itinerary on our site (please see our blog post for additional details on this).

    The writer will need to work quickly and will have a 3-week deadline to complete the assignment.

    Please don't hesitate to send me an Email if you have additional questions.

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