Cancun Palace Trip Report... (Long) Pics added!!

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    TRIP REPORT Cancun Palace- 4/20 -- 4/29

    We still haven't downloaded all our pictures. We will get that done this weekend and I'll post a few and add a link to see them all. Sorry this is so long.

    Friday, Day 1 - Up at 5:00am and our driver picked us up for the airport at 7:45am. We checked in and cleared security ½ hour before our 10:15am flight. We had time for Bloody Marys at the Sky bar and the flight was perfect.

    We landed, bussed to the terminal and cleared immigration and customs in less than 20 minutes. We had to wait longer for our bags in baggage claim. That was a first!!

    Chaza Travel service was waiting for us when we got out. Didn’t wait long for others, only 1 stop at Sun Palace for 2 couples and we were off to Cancun Palace. My first reaction was that it was COMPLETELY different. Of course I knew that, but seeing it was shocking.

    No lines at check in and we were given a cold towel, glass of champagne, and a flower for me. Our room was ready. The room was located dead smack in the middle with a perfect ocean front view. It took us a few minutes to figure out that you have to put your room key in a card slot by the door for any of the lights to work. The room felt very warm. We checked the A/C and lowered it to coldest possible setting. After about 30 minutes of unpacking and futzing, nothing changed. We went down to the front desk and told them. They said they’d send someone up immediately. We went to explore and find something to eat. Jayson went to the desk to check on the A/C and they said they’d been looking for us. There is a card on the back of your door for maintenance. If you have any problems, place that card outside, otherwise they are not authorized to enter your room if you are not in it. I liked that. Jayson gave them permission and we went on our way. By the time we came back up to the room to change for dinner, it was ice cold. Ahhhhh! They called the room a couple more times throughout the week to make sure it was still working OK. Nice touch!

    We went to the lower lobby area and sat at the bar. Bartenders were friendly and attentive. A nice couple sat beside us and was talking to Jayson in a very southern accent. They told us they were from Georgia. They asked where we were from and when I said New Hampshire, she asked me my name. I thought that was odd, but when I said Denise and Jayson - she said, “OMG, I’M SHERI and this is MIKE! We laughed and shook hands like old friends. We stayed for a few cocktails and then went back up to the room. Early night - first day.

    Saturday, Day 2 – Woke to beautiful sunshine!! Breakfast at the Mexican restaurant buffet. Very good! Got towels, found our chairs and spent the day by the pool and the beach. Pool was perfect! Yellow flags and fun in the ocean. We didn’t eat lunch, but snacked a little. I took a nap in the afternoon and we had dinner in the Japanese restaurant! Excellent martinis, sushi and hibachi cooking! We were stuffed. I highly recommend it! After dinner, we had drinks in the lobby bar waiting for the fire show. This is a MUST SEE. Back to the lobby bar for dancing and more fun.

    Sunday, Day 3 - Today was the CancunCare booze cruise. We took a cab to the dock and met all the folks from the BBG. We had a BLAST! It was HOT! The drinks were flowing for the entire boat ride over. Once on the island, we were seated for a HUGE lunch buffet. Food was excellent. We walked a ways and rented golf carts to tour the island. Steve was first in line and we lost him pretty much right away when we were cut off by cars and mopeds. We went off on our own. We didn’t get to see everything, but we laughed all the way. We met back at the dock to leave and got on the boat. Drinks continued to flow. We stopped after a bit for those that wanted to take spinnaker rides. Jayson did, he said it was great! The boat dropped off the BBG crew at their hotel dock, and we stayed on to get back to the original dock. Steve and Jannet were perfect hosts and made sure we were well taken care of. They invited us back to their house for a few beers. The highlight of the trip was meeting beautiful Daniella!! We were wiped after a long day and called it an early night.

    Monday, Day 4 - Woke up feeling like we’d been run over by a truck! I imagine that trying to balance on that boat used every core muscle that I’d forgotten I had. EVERY part of my body ached. We put up the do not disturb sign and went back to bed. We took it very easy all day. It was overcast in the morning, but by 11am, the sun was shining. We had dinner in the Italian restaurant. Wait staff was incredibly attentive and the food was very good. We’d heard mixed reviews, but we thought it was fabulous. Three big conventions came in today. The only time we felt their presence was in the lobby bar after dinner for dancing. The place was jammed. No seats available.

    Tuesday, Day 5 - Up early enjoying my coffee on the balcony. Another lazy fun filled day around the pool playing games and enjoying the festive atmosphere. After a refreshing shower, we headed out to My Place for dinner and to spend the evening. We had a great time! Joe and Janet are wonderful hosts and their staff is terrific. This is a MUST DO during your stay.

    Wednesday, Day 6 - Another day of fun in the sun. Sounds monotonous, but isn’t that why we are here?? LOL… Service at the swim up bars was off today. Bartenders appeared tired and overwhelmed. The hotel is filling up quickly and I’m not sure they are prepared. Jayson participated in all the games. He’s the life of the pool area! We said goodbye to Sheri and Mike who are leaving early in the morning. We ate at the Steakhouse for Dinner. I was very disappointed. The waiter was new and didn’t have an experienced waiter to shadow. Our order was completely messed up twice and he just couldn’t get it right. It’s totally outside and it was very windy. It’s difficult to enjoy a meal when the lettuce from your salad flies across the table. After dinner, we danced the night away until closing in the lobby bar. High energy and lots of fun!

    Thursday, Day- 7 After breakfast, we had our membership upgrade appointment with the sales gurus. It was overcast, so a great time to do this. The sun came out and pool side fun commenced. We decided to go back to the Italian restaurant with friends we’d met from Boston and again had a fantastic dinner with great company. After dinner we took the bus into town and stopped in at the Hard Rock and Carlo’s and Charlie’s. Back to the hotel by midnight. Our Boston friends were leaving in the morning, so after a nightcap in the lobby bar, we said goodnight.

    Friday Day -8 Yellow flags today. We spent our time between the ocean and the pool. We visited the newly opened beach bar and grill. There’s nothing better than sitting on swings, sipping on happy drinks while facing the ocean. We went back to the Japanese restaurant for dinner. Another fabulous meal with great service. After dinner, we went back to the lobby bar to watch the Karaoke show. We met another great couple from Queens and spent the evening chatting and relaxing.

    Saturday Day - 9 Yellow flags again today. Everyone was in the ocean having a great time. We played and rested around the pool for most of the day. I still haven't found Jan yet at this point. I had an hour massage and facial late in the afternoon. You HAVE to experience the full service Spa. The service was excellent and completely professional. While at the Spa, Jan approached Jayson asking if it was him. FUNNY! We missed each other that day too! Dinner at the buffet tonight, because we weren’t very hungry. The show was a repeat, so we skipped it and went to the Japanese Restaurant for martinis. After dark, we walked along the beach.

    Sunday Day – 10 Up early to see if we could get a late check out. We had a Red Eye flight that night and weren’t leaving the hotel until 10pm. They couldn’t give us a late check out, but they secured our bags and told us to come back when we needed to shower and change and they would accommodate us. We worked on our tans and pickling our livers for the last day. FINALLY!! Jan and her husband came up and introduced themselves. It was great to meet them. Nice couple. I wish we had met up sooner and had dinner together or something. At 5pm, we approached the desk and they gave us a room key. It was a regular room on the lagoon side in the corner on the 3rd floor. Great for its purpose, but not to stay for the week. They told us to take our time, but to please try not to exceed 2 hours. No problem... I don't know if they do this for everyone, or if it's a special service offered to members. We had dinner AGAIN at the Italian restaurant. We loved it that much! We tried something different each visit. We said good bye to our favorite waiter and we caught the end of the Mexican show in the lobby bar. At 10pm, we hopped in the van and left for the airport. Until next year……

    Generally speaking, our only “con” was our maid in the room. We were supposed to have turn-down service every night. We only had it twice. Coffee/Cream/Sugar was rarely refilled. The soda/beer/water was not replenished as often as it should have been. We ran out of what we liked close to the end of our stay. I understand this was an isolated occurrence because everyone that we spoke to said their room was catered to daily in terms of replenishments. We should have brought it to their attention during the week, but we thought that maybe their policy was every other day or something like that. Now we’ll know for next time. One day, our room wasn’t cleaned until after 4pm. We mentioned it at check out. None of these things hampered our stay or overall thoughts of the hotel.
    The new addition of 24 room service is wonderful. We used it a few times and delivery was prompt and the food was fresh and hot.

    Be careful in the bathrooms by the beach. The marble floors are polished like glass and extremely slippery.

    To sum it up, we had a FABULOUS vacation at Cancun Palace. We highly recommend this resort.

    Our Room



    Balcony view to left

    Balcony view to right - Steakhouse

    View from my pool chair

    Beach Bar and Grill

    Infinity Pool

    Best Bartenders

    Lobby Bar

    Booze Cruise Gang
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    Excellent report, Denise!!!!

    Looking forward to the pics.

    I'm so glad you had a great trip!!!
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    :cry: :cry:

    I wanna go on vacationnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

    Great Report Denise! Sounds like the perfect fussy tours...just relaxation. :cool:
  4. Denise-n-Jayson

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    That's exactly what we wanted Tonya... no fuss. Being there 6 times, we've done all the tours already. Jayson's going to take the kids parasailing next year. I'll watch and practice pickling that liver some more.. :wink:

    Thanks Karan.. Can I sneak back with you?
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    Just meet me at the airport, Denise. :wink:

    2 weeks from today.
  6. R.I. GAL

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    Great report Denise.........can't wait to see pictures :D :D

    Now get your arse back to "free for all" :!: WE MISS YOU :D :D
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    Hi Denise!! Sounds like a great trip!
  8. Steve

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    Nice to meet you both after all this time. Glad you enjoyed your trip and of course the booze cruise.

    Also great to see people meeting up who know each other from the board, but who aren't staying at Blue Bay.
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    Great report, Denise, sounds like you guys had a ball this vacation! It was great meeting you and Jayson and I look forward to seeing you next trip!

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    You got to meet Steve and Jannet, Joe and Janet, and Joyceeeee ...

    it MUST have been a great trip! :D

    Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation, Denise,

    ... and I can't wait to see your pics!
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