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    Cancun Palace

    Post comments, reviews, trip reports and links to your pictures for Cancun Palace here.

    Located at Km14 it is a short journey by bus to the party center. This hotel is Ocean side. Downtown is a 30 minute bus journey away.
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    :D :D :D :D
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    stayed there 2 years ago on my honeymoon, i thought this place was great. food was awesome, staff was excellent, and the rooms were great as well. The best part about this place was the bartenders. they go above and beyond to take care of you if you jsut show them a little respect. One night while sitting at the main bar at about 1 am, Roger overheard me comment that i had a wierd craving for ice cream. 5 minutes later he showed up with a giant sunday. i never even had to ask for it. One tip, no matter what the bartenders tell you, the bars DO stock cuervo gold, its just hidden down below. you will probably need either a tip, or a pretty lady to get it for you. Ill be returning here for spring break mar. 11-18, so ill have another review shortly.
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    Celebrated our 10th Anniversary at Cancun Palace

    We love the Cancun Palace!!

    Jayson and I spent our 10th Anniversary at the Cancun Palace. We had the time of our lives. They treated us like royalty. I have an address book full of emails and addresses of friends we met and still keep in touch with.

    The only drawback at this hotel, IMHO is the TV. No stalite. Just a few stations and a million Palace Resort info stations. Not that we spent much time watching TV, but there were those nights when we just wanted to chill and the selection was very limited. Jayson is a night owl, and I am an early to bed/early to rise girl. He felt more pain from the lack of TV than I did. I would get up early in the morning, get our towels and chairs and then go have some coffee and fruit for breakfast. (light, until Jayson got up). The waiters all got to know me and would tease me about my lazybutt husband.. hee hee)

    The staff was superb. The entertainment was a blast. We played Tequila Volley ball every day at 2pm. (I'm not sure they do that anymore, this was in 2003). Last year we stayed at the Moon Palace and took the shuttle over to Cancun Palace and it did seem much quieter than when we had gone the year before.

    If you are thinking of a fun place to vacation, the Cancun Palace is a great choice. Yes, there is some Timeshare pressure. We ended up becoming members, because we knew we would be back!! We negotiated a great plan and I am happy with our decision. It's not for everyone, a simple NO THANK YOU will do.

    If you decide to stay at the Cancune Palace, say hi to everyone for us.

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    We loved Cancun Place! We were just there Jan 10-15. The employees always seemed happy and they treated us great! A manager took us to 3 different rooms so we could pic the one we wanted, so that was pretty neat.

    The pool area was great too! Even when they had activities going on, it wasn't too loud and distracting.

    The breakfast buffet was pretty extensive and had the usual mexican dishes as well as an omelet/pancake station. Breakfast was the only meal we ate here. Out by the pool there is a snack bar that opens at around lunch and serves burgers, etc. It is always open; however, for you to get selfserve soft drinks and beer!)

    The lobby bar was a pretty happening place. It was always packed at happy hour and again when we would come back at around 1:00 a.m. A couple of evenings they had live bands too.

    We would definitely go back again.
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    I LOVED Cancun Palace. The people who work here are absolutely wonderful and do work very hard to be sure you have the BEST time. The location was great, the beach was beautiful, the pools were always fun and entertaining. The bartenders were attentive and fun. The food was ok and sometimes <surprise> even really good, depending on the meal and which restaurant. People may complain about the food, but we always found something pretty good all the time. The only negatives I can pass along is the food may not suit everyone and the mildewy/dampness that overtook our clothes. It could be because my friend like to keep things arctic in our room though! (maybe that added to her getting sick, ya think?)

    Cancun Palace even has a doctor on staff and on call. Found this out the hard way, but it was great to know we were staying in a place with that service. My friend ended up with bronchitis and saw Dr. Alex for some medicine and a shot to help her feel better. Not only did the security guard wait with us while the pharmacy delivered the medicine - he sent the boy back when he brought the wrong thing. We would have just taken the cough syrup he brought. Both the front desk staff and the concierge/guest services staff - called the next day to check on my friend to see how she was feeling and if she needed anything. The guest services staff surprised us a couple times with things I had emailed and asked about the cost of ordering - like a bottle of champagne in our room when we checked in. I initially got no return email so I assumed this would not happen. We were only in our room about 5 minutes when there was a knock on the door. There was smiling room service man who said what become his trademark statement - "I got something special for you!". A chilled bottle of champagne at no charge wishing us a wonderful time at Cancun Palace! my friend and I were not honeymooners just on our first vacation in over 8 years! We were so excited - we both tipped him and then he got as excited as we were!

    I posted a much longer trip report 2 years ago when we first went there but I would highly recommend this as the place to stay! There is evening entertainment and theme nights,however the bars do close up early. There is always a planned trip to a local hot spot with someone from the entertainment staff at night if you wanted something to do and had no other plans.

    The "nice" reservations only restaurant is worth making reservations for - we did twice. The 2nd time we asked for the same server, Guillermo, who was wonderful and fun. He even remembered that we had commented on the nice margarita glasses on our first visit - and had wrapped up 2 glasses for us to take as a souvenir from Cancun Palace! I still drink out of that glass and it makes me smile!

    There are timeshare people but they will take no thank you as an answer. There was also Royale Tours in the lobby who were great with planning and actually rescheduling a couple tours for us when my friend got sick.

    There are plenty of activities and you can be as involved as you want to be or you can skip them and just be catered to as you relax and chill out. I think everyone can find the vacation they want at Cancun Palace. 8)
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    Cancun Palace

    We returned from Cancun Palace on June 18th. My husband said it was the best vacation of his life! I agree with the previous poster, there is so much to do or not. Restaurants and food were great...service was superb. My husband felt like a king when the waitresses served him poolside and my daughter enjoyed the swim up bar.

    I should mention that the first night we were in a room that was extremely damp and the air conditioner leaked. After one service call where they turned off the air conditioner (not an option in 90degree weather!), we complained and were moved to another room.

    Another little known benefit is the hospitality room for those who are not leaving until later in the day and want to shower and change out of swimwear prior to leaving. We signed up early and were given a half hour time slot. It was perfect.
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    Quick question for the locals......Is the Cancun Palace a wreck and do you think it will be up for Spring Break?
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    Has anyone seen Cancun Palace progress

    Hi there,
    Has anyone seen how the Cancun Palace is coming along?
    How does it look? I would like to stay there this spring/summer.
    Thanks guys,
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    My brother and sister-in-law are walking down to Cancun Palace this afternoon. I will have an update later tonight. As they drove by it yesterday, they said it looked like they had a TON of work to do still. That is news I did not want to hear as I am booked for Feb. 10-18 at that hotel. I'll share any info. I get.
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