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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by cindyinmpls, Jul 25, 2007.

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    We have been Palace members since 1996, joining at the Cancun Palace. In March, we purchased 50 more weeks (promos to good to pass up) and stayed at the Cancun Palace.
    Have been reading the reviews on the hotel section and actually sent the link to Palace member services as well as the hotel public relations dept.
    I have had several responses that they are working diligently on the "pool" issues. The are considering eliminating food around the pool area. In addition, possibly limiting what is served at the pool bars with regards to certain fruit drinks and condiments. Because this resort is so popular, and crowded it is difficult for them to keep up with the pool looking crystal clear. They mentioned that they are "sanitary" to the standards they must hold but, the appearance is not soley due to the filtration system alone.

    When we return I will post on the hotel section our findings as this is our 2nd visit since the CP re-opened.
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    Cancun Palace

    Have fun, hope it has improved!! We just went for a few hours but the beach was great. I miss the old layout of the Cancun Palace AND the staff! Can't wait 'till the open the Isla palace, I bet it will cost a small fortune w/ less than 100 rooms!! Any news on the beach palace opening? That may help the overcrowding at the CP.
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    That will be a great idea! The nacho plates laying around the pool were pretty gross.
    And whoever did their tile work really should be fired. Or maybe it was a bad batch of tiles.
    You will notice that around the elevators.
    Have fun and keep us posted.

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    Glad to hear they are listening! We are going in 14 days and can't wait! It was always crowded before, but with the Beach Palace closed, where else do the Moon Palace people go when they want a decent beach? The Sun Palace has a great beach, but is adults only now (perhaps they should have waited until the BP opened before they made it so). I heard on another board that there are 5 busses daily from the Moon Palace so that would account for the overcrowding.
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    Beach Palace is opening in October.
    I also heard it was the adhesive product that was bad near the elevators and other areas. That really did not bother us on our last visit as the hotel was only opened for about 30 days.
    We actually prefer the new layout, and feel that even though the old CP had it's charm it was time to renovate. Most of these resorts in the HZ are going for a more sleek modern is the thing of the future.
    A travel to Playa or Isla is a great break from the glitz. But, for whatever reason we are still drawn to the Cancun Palace. We do not pool it very often. We get our chairs and umbrellas at the beach and eat at the new bar down there. No problems with chairs or umbrellas even at Spring Break.
    The MP should curtail their buses a bit. There are a ton of people that were not told by their travel agents that the MP beach is disqusting. The pictures make it appear that the beach is beautiful and with the turquoise waters....not even close!! So, in search of the beautiful beach, they head to CP. I am glad to hear the beach is ok at the SP. For years it has had such a rocky unreliable beach. We will have to go there next week.
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