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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by rodman4085, Dec 28, 2008.

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    Hi, relative newcomer to this forum.....but will be going to CUN for 3rd time in Jan, staying at Casa Maya, using a friends timeshare. We are comfortable using the busses to go into downtown, to Walmart, Mercado 28 and 23, we found a fabric store just north of the Mcdonalds on Tulum Ave, rode to Puerto Juarez to catch the ferry to riding them is a good, economical thing to do...
    Can I get a time estimate from anyone about how long it takes to get from KM5 in the hotel zone up to the Hacienda del Mar Marina, north of Puerto Juarez, to catch the Kolumbus tour boats to Isla Contoy?
    Next, thinking of a sightseeing ride on the busses, if you get on the one from the hotel zone that goes the Wal-Mart Route, and just stay on it to get into the residential areas, does it eventually come to the end of the line and turn around, and head back the same way? My spanish is very limited, so I don't want to get lost, but think that this would be a fun afternoon ride sometime....anybody care to answer? Thanks
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    Most don't IMMEDIATELY turn around and go back, but there should be another about to leave if you choose to do that. Many of the R-1 buses pretty much just end up in the Crucero which wouldn't be much of a ride, but some of them will go up and down the main avenues of residential Cancun. A fair number of the R1s also just go partway to Puerto Juarez and stop there. Don't remember where R2 goes to. R15 goes to at least the end of Avenida La Luna, and not sure where after that because La Luna was where we'd pick it up. And R27 goes waaaayyyy out to the outskirts of Cancun, by the jail, and through a couple of poorer colonias.

    Which reminds me of a time I found three hysterical tourists on the street in the neighborhood I lived in. It was SM 521, which is just about as far out of Cancun as you can get, and the end of the line for R-27.

    I tried to offer my help, and they shrieked and ran away despite the fact that I looked just like and talked just like them. Pretty funny.
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