Cancun 6/3/17 To 6/10/17 - Looking To Have Fun Off Resort

Discussion in 'Desire Resort Forum' started by BigboyCancun, Feb 24, 2017.

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    We are over educated professionals with a kid and are going to Cancun for a week. We will be staying at a family oriented resort, but we are committed to one night out without the kid and want to maximize our time.

    The typical night club in Cancun use to be the ideal, but we are older now (47/40) and while doing the night club circuit is our most plausible option we are interested to see if there are better options. Naturally the right type of people can make all the difference in the world. We are not swingers by any means, but we do enjoy going out and having a good time. We love people watching and if the comfort level is right we can be a lot of fun. Of course this probably has different meaning for different people, but hey we will be in Cancun and therefore will certainly be looking to have the most adult fun for that one night.

    Bottom line what are our options to make the most of it on that one night out considering we will not be at an adult resort? Anyone interest in taking a night off from the resort and bar hoping with us? Best I can tell a night pass to ???? resort might work, but from what I am reading I am not sure it is an option. Would love to hear thoughts and ideas.

    Looking forward to hearing back and thanks in advance!
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