Can anyone elaborate on sex activity at Desire Riviera Maya?

Discussion in 'Desire Resort Forum' started by Troyboy, Mar 29, 2015.

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    Hey all,

    Last summer, my wife and I went to TTR for the first time and absolutely loved it. In fact, we wrote a lengthy review on our trip, including our experience with the sensual couples massage. If you haven't read it and care to...

    This year, we're considering Desire Riviera Maya. Specifically, I am wondering what anyone may have to say about the public sex that is allowed at the resort. I understand it only happens in two places - the outdoor hot tub area & the private room just off the night club. Is that right? Can anyone elaborate? What is the sex vibe like in both places? Is there a lot of it going on? Are there a lot of onlookers while it's going on? Does it have a wild porn-scene type of feel or more of a mellow, respectful feel? I'm truly not just looking to get off on peoples' stories. We are genuinely interested in what we may be in for in comparison to TTR since Desire is a clothing-optional, public sex allowed resort.

    Thanks for any info anyone may have!

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    By the book rules for most of the time is that those are the only two places to play - there are some special weeks where that changes though.

    There can be lots of onlookers, more likely by the hot tub than the sin room, since people have a reason to just be hanging out by the hot tub. No pun intended. Or was there?

    Anyway, RM has a very erotic/sensual vibe (again, no pun intended) - to us, much more so than Temptation, which was more kind of a "sexual" vibe. Now, we're beach people (meaning we generally are down on the beach), rather than hanging out by the pool, which is where all the daytime entertainment stuff is.

    In practice, we've seen people doing oral in the pool, VERY discretely on the beach (which is a no-no, with signs posted all over that there should be no sexual activity on the beach), and in the areas outside of the rooms where there's tables and chairs.

    It's all very respectful and erotic to us...

    D & K
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    We did the goodness in other places at Desire RM other than the playroom and the hottub. You don't want to get your freak on at dinner, but the beach can be a lock, especially on those palapa-bed things...
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