Bringing Dallas's walker and stroller

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by angels_among_us, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. R.I. GAL

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    +0 / 0're doing it again Karan :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. Michael F.

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    Feb 17, 2003
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    help! we're being hi-jacked!!!!
  3. angels_among_us

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    guess what we did today?
    We went to Pt with dallas and with her help picked him out a diffrent stroller that can be used for everyday use AND for trips.


    We ordered this one and we ordered a Chest Pad to keep him sitting up straight and give him upper torso strenght. (not pictured)
    The good thing?? it folds up like a reg umbrella stroller! SO we CAN take this on the bus by folding it before we get on and just carry it on.
    instead of using his walker while on tours were use the stroller. We may even leave the walker at home and use the stroller instead while on vacation. It will still meet the rules of using this at the airport for a medical stroller( as it is a medical stroller. it dont show pictures of all the extra's on it were ordering for dallas) They will just take it from us right before we get on the flight! and have it ready when we get to cancun! Expensive little stroller but this is going work great for day trips and vacations and if we just need to run the store. PLUS the weight for it?? 140 pounds!!! he will beable to use it for a long time! THANK GOD for insurance they are paying some!

    "Developed especially for special-needs children, the Maclaren Major Positioning Push Chair meets the needs of parents for an everyday portable stroller to transport their child. The sturdy square-section, aluminum chassis with a metallic silver finish and 7" (18cm) wheels withstand years of rugged service. Swivel-front wheels, square-grip handles, three-position, detachable foot rests, brakes on each rear wheel, a five-point safety harness, and hard-wearing, easy-to-clean electric blue upholstery are all standard features. Optional accessories may be required to provide added comfort and support. Accessories include: a chest pad for additional trunk support"
  4. Klaw

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    Great, Catrina!!!

    One less thing to worry about.

    And sorry for hijacking the thread...but it was really all T.J.'s fault. :wink: He asked about a cooler of beer whcih led to my Fresca post. :wink:
  5. R.I. GAL

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    Great news Catrina....looks like that will make your traveling a lot easier :!:
  6. angels_among_us

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    No worries about hi jacking I dont mind LOL!!
    Were pretty excited about it!! It will make it all SO much easier!
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