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    I have a job for someone that I need completed within two weeks.
    I will pay USD$125 via www.xoom.com transfer to Soriana or a bank .
    I need a : marketing- demographic-informational plan done on
    Cancun and Playa Del Carmen. If I am impressed with the work
    I would pay an extra USD$50 to USD$100
    The store will be a “Lease to Own” store
    “Arrendamiento con opción de compra”
    *The focus would be on furniture-appliance-electronics stores.
    STORE: Locations Products Credit- Financing
    Telebodega - 5 Appliances-Furniture Yes- “in house”

    Soriana 3 Appliances NO

    Also a list of furniture stores in Cancun – Playa Del Carmen that offer
    “in house” financing for their customers.
    * What are good areas to open a store.
    I am interested in the downtown area near Plaza Americas area. I want to open
    A “stand alone” store. (approx 5,000sf or more) Also in Playa Del Carmen
    * commercial rent prices.
    * Labor-wages for sales people , collections , and store managers.
    * Projected future – economy for Cancun – Playa Del Carmen
    * Stability of Cancun – Playa Del Carmen
    *marketing strategy
    *what kind of credit -consumers in Mexico need to buy goods.
    * buro de credito
    * major brands offered – appliances – electronics - furniture
    I would own the plan upon completion and of course after the payment is made

    Best Regards,
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