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    OMG, this new job on weekends is 12 hours of nothing but sitting here monitoring a few systems here and there and just surfing the web and watching TV. You know it's the kind of job alot of people dream of but I'm soooooo BORED. Currently watching The Two Corey's on A&E and checkin out the CC. I really need to find me a good book to read or bring some stuff up here to study for some of my certifications. Hopefully in a couple weeks i'll know more about what I'm doing and I'll be able to actually apply myself to doing something constructive rather than sitting around twiddling my thumbs.

    Ah well I'm out for now Ya'll have Fun!
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    Gutted for you John.

    If its any consolation I've just got in from experiencing 11 hours of pure alcoholic delight in various locations near to my humble abode,

    I'm severly pissed off and pissed at the fact my only success today is not watching my favourite football team lose, away from home after been two nill up at half time but the fact that the rather tasty russian bird who has been on my heels all night ( ok, she says she's russian but I suspect she's polish, not an issue, just better breeding.. anyway, where wre we.. ) has just fallen asleep on my sofa without making good on the agreement we shuck on earlier on.

    If I wake up on the floor in the morning and either a) the entire population of Warsaw has moved into my spare bedroom claiming diplomatic immunity..or b) my entire house has been robbed I will know that her declaraion of loving me till the end of time in return for a double vodka and red bull were utter and complete lies.

    An all I wanted was a quick shag.

    Ian :lol:

    :?: :?: :?: :?:
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    Yorkshire, England
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    You will finally know wat gettin the train to a man united game means.... every week i go but every week iwithstand the pretty scousers to make it to the match without being robnbbed

    Its har but i mangage
  4. Jlow511

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    LOL, Ian you never cease to make me laugh!
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