Boobs Cruise" on Monday May 14, 2018 Pearl Transfer

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    I am traveling to Pearl from May 12 - 17 and planning on taking the Cancuncare "Boobs Cruise" on Monday May 14, 2018 leaving from Temptation Resort in Cancun. I am looking for Couples to share the round-trip transfer costs from Desire Pearl to TTR. Check in is at 10am at TTR and the boat returns about 4:30pm.

    Here is the link for the cruise. It is not like any cruise you have ever been on. If you look close enough at the pictures you might see us.

    Cancun Boobs Cruise | Cancun Boobs Cruise

    Business side:

    The Cruise price is $108pp, and we need to reserve our spots early, at a cost of $43 per person (deposit). You pay the balance ($65pp) in CASH before you get on the boat. I would need to book a round trip transfer before we go at a cost of $85 up to 6 persons (3 couples). A couples total cost would be about $250.00. To insure space, there is some pre-planning involved.

    If you are interested in this adventure send me a message on this site, or SLS/Kasidie (Beachside60).

    Cal and Michelle (Aka Captain Ron and Clarise)
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