Boobs Cruise And Covid19 Measures

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    Due to Covid-19, we are required to run at a restricted capacity in order to ensure maximum safety for our guests. Our current capacity is 30%.

    The restriction is based on the traffic light system the State of Quintana Roo uses for a phased return to normality, this is reviewed weekly.

    We are using the same boats we always use (usual capacity 100 and 125). This means that our current capacities are 34 for the smaller boat and 40 for the largest boat.

    Hopefully in the weeks to come, this will be relaxed and our capacity will gradually increase.

    However, this means we are likely to sell out much sooner than normal. June 15th is sold out and some other June/July dates are getting close.

    If you’re thinking about booking (particularly for June or July dates) it is wise to lock in your spaces asap. Full refunds are available if you change your mind providing 24 hrs notice is given.

    In addition to the above, the following procedures will also be implemented.
    • Boat crew and bartenders are required to wear face coverings at all times. For guests, the use of face coverings is optional. We do not supply them, if you wish to use one please bring your own.
    • Appropriate social distancing measures and sanitization of materials used at check-in.
    • Social distancing minimum separation criteria are not required onboard, however, there will be plenty of room if you wish to do so.
    • Shots will be served in individual solo cups.
    • For lunchtime at the beach club waiters and serving staff will wear face coverings, for guests it is optional.
    • Tables will be spaced 2 meters apart. At first, food will be chosen from a menu. We will graduate to an assisted buffet – you tell the serving staff what food you want, and they will serve it for you. This avoids multiple people handling the same utensils.
    • Capacity restriction at the restaurant is also 30%. This means that we will be the only group using the restaurant during our time slot.
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